Fusion Centers – Warm & Fuzzy?

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Is this woman a terrorist?

CopLink database Software  – demo video

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  1. Fusion centers, FEMA camps and a great deal of behind closed door, under the table activity seems to be government’s constant herding of the American people in one direction or the other, but, if each of us will take note, there are no direct policies that we can attack or defend against, yet. Throughout the ages, there have been political prisioners detained at “camps, prisions, dungeons, etc.,” for the good of the citizens and to show clearly who is in charge. Cat seems to be leaning in that direction, questioning why and who fusion groups are targeting and thinking we may easily become a nation of political prisioners that have plagued Russia, China, Germany, France and most countries throughout the ages. I concur, we must be cautious, but, we must do everything to make sure that another 9/11 does not happen again, even if we have to waterboard the whole Islamic world to save one American life!
    Clifton Lee West

  2. The Fusion Center issue rang a bell with me because of the Inslaw/Promis software case during the Reagan administration.
    Promis software was enhanced to link information from multiple database sources (like smart meters) to track and profile individuals. According to Ari Ben Menashe, a former Mossad operative, it was highly effective for tracking down dissidents and political enemies. His book, Profits of War went into quite a bit of detail about it.

    • they are all evil words sage.

    • Agreed, if not sooner!
      And, for LTG, you might like to know that the RCMP bought the Promis software w/the understanding that it was strictly for intelligence work on behalf of the RCMP. Years later it was discovered that while the software did function as stated, it was also sending the same info to the FBI & NSA via a “back door” secreted inside it. This was revealed by Mike Ruppert, I believe, at the original http://www.copvcia.com website more than ten years ago.
      “Sweep it up. Sweep it all up!” Don Rumsfeld quote about the same time….

      • Joseph, doesn’t that CopLink database software remind you of the Promis software? It works exactly the same way Ari Ben Menashe described it in his book, “Profits of War”. Menashe moved to Canada after he spilled the beans in his book. Edwin Meese, one of the scoundrels in the center of the controversy, is a still a Top Dog at The Heritage Foundation. He must be pushing 90 years old. He was an old California crony of Reagan’s. Earl Brian, the other Reagan crony involved went to prison on unrelated charges having to do with The Financial News Network.
        A journalist who got hold of a lot of private papers put the whole black ops Octopus story together in “The Last Circle.” It’s published in entirety on several sites. Runs around 100 pages or so.

        • Excellent, LTG, excellent! Plato said the first requirement of a philosopher is that s/he have a good memory, and your recall proves how important this is. Hitler said “History is only as old as the grandparents,” so that’s all the memory TPTB need to control, then our history is whatever They say it was. Look up my ‘swan song’ essay, “The Ghost of George Carver is Haunting Bush 43” on the Internet, to see how important memory is. The seed of that was sown by one whose 25 yrs in the CIA had introduced him to Dr Carver, and he wanted a memorial for his under-appreciated friend. Memories: in the end, that’s all any of us will have as we await the Judgement…. I’m good to go any time I’m called Home!

        • You can read some free chapters from The Last Circle BOOK at the ark-roundtable.com homepage, published in Sept. 2010. Check out Chapter 22 about Edwin Meese, the DOJ, and the Mob. (Interviews with former prosecutors who worked under Edwin Meese). The new book also contains a couple of chapters about the RCMP investigation of PROMIS.

  3. Fusion centers and the NWO were on Alex Jones and Jesse Ventura videos. I believe they exist and will be activated during 2012.

  4. The Last Circle BOOK, all 25 chapters, was published in September 2010. Go to this website to read about PROMIS, Inslaw, Edwin Meese (Chapter 22), RCMP, the Octopus, etc.


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