Funny Spoof of Dem Sen. Barbara Boxer

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David Zucker is a famous movie producer, of films such as Airplane, Naked Gun, Top Secret!, and An American Carol. Like many denizens of Hollywood, Zucker was a mindless unthinking liberal and had contributed big bucks to California Demonrat Barbara Boxer in her past (successful) elections for the US Senate.
But like many other Americans, Zucker’s eyes are now wide open. He has finally seen the light. He now regrets having supported Boxer and penned an apology to Big Government readers:

Every time I see the public record listing my campaign contribution to Boxer — I wince. I mean, we all have things we’ve done in the past that we’re embarrassed about, but I’d rather have my being restricted to 100 yards away from elementary schools be public knowledge than that $5,000 Boxer campaign contribution.

In atonement, Zucker made a video spoofing Boxer’s whining insistence that General Michael Walsh call her “Senator” instead of “Ma’am”. As a reminder, here’s the prickly Boxer reprimanding the general in June 2009:

And here’s Zucker’s very funny act of penance, “Call Me Madam Joe”:

All is forgiven. Welcome to the Patriotic Resistance, Mr. Zucker! 😀
H/t HotAir.

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0 responses to “Funny Spoof of Dem Sen. Barbara Boxer

  1. Eowyn,thankyou so much for posting this. People need to be reminded,what a disrespectful,rude,money burning,communist she is. This guy is right she has worked so hard to take this country down,she does need a rest. VOTE BOXER OUT-PLEASE.

  2. Great vid! Good for Zucker, maybe he can convince some in lib Hollyweird to see the light.

  3. So glad he got his head out of the sand…now…for the rest of America who are blind! We can only pray that others will see the light.

  4. I heard there’s actually a Hollywood branch of the Tea Party now. So Zucker’s little video might encourage more ex-lefties to come out and express their opinions like that!
    But can somebody help me? Exactly WHAT is the crazy King saying at the end? I played it 3-4 times but couldn’t make it out!

  5. This is hilarious! Just saw it on TV and was hoping to find it on the net so I could show my husband. Thanks for posting it.

  6. Credit to the soldier though. He never missed a beat and performed with the admirable respect we expect from our soldiers. God bless the US military!

  7. Barbara Boxer is a name dropping, gum flapping, racist libtard with the IQ of a night light bulb. Her picture should be included in Webster’s Dictionary under the definitions of air head and empty head.


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