Funny Santa Pics!

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Some kids just can’t handle Santa…

How’d you like to be in the car with all of these boys on the way home?

She’s traumatized for life!

This Santa looks more like a scary pirate!

The girl in the red jacket is probably yanking her sister’s hair!

Why take your kids to a drunk Santa?


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4 responses to “Funny Santa Pics!

  1. yikes!

  2. Wow, that was hilarious.Thanks for spreading the christmas cheer!

  3. I have to laugh because my daughter started hating Santa at 2 years old. I think even then she realized something was NOT right with this picture! LOL! She slid off his lap screaming. Poor thing. I promised never to make her do it again. The only other picture she took with Santa after that was when she was already maybe 7 or 8, and that was only if her brother would be in it with her.

  4. Also, imagine how the poor Santas feel. LOL!!


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