Funny cats!

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I laughed out loud at least 5 times while watching this video.


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  1. Funny kitties!

  2. And on the 5th day, God made amusement in the form of kittens

  3. That was fabulous! I love kitties.

  4. Nothing can make your life all new again except the elan of a puppy or kitten..and I should know—I was able to rescue 3 of 5 feral kittens from my neighbor’s yard….all little orange boys..and I don’t feel it “burden,” instead…I praise God every day for sending them to me b/c I am renewed with them, watching them play and explore, and loving and hugging on me every crack of dawn and every return from work at the end of day……even one of my old Lab dogs lays docile and allows them to run & play on her, nuzzle up to her….No drug or therapy in the world could compete with the soothing effect of spending my evenings with these characters!


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