Funny Cats

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“Let them…that love thy name be joyful in thee.” ~Psalm 5:11

Something joyful for a Sunday. This will make you laugh. I promise!

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3 responses to “Funny Cats

  1. Hold it together man this is a trap trying to get you to show your softer side!
    Nurse I need 20cc of manliness stat! I need every eposide of Horsepower TV, musclecar, SpeedTV, and every Clint Eastwood western you can find! Damn it Nurse hurry we’re losing him!
    Hold on buddy I won’t let them win!

  2. I’m so sorry you’re sick with the flu, Steve. I’ll offer the 8:30a Mass to you for a fast recovery. God bless & take care of yourself, ok? You’ve been pushing it, working too darn hard!

  3. Sorry to read Steve take care of yourself. I prescribe OJ, soup and a lot of TV and get back to us when you can.


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