Fun Quiz: Are you a Hobbit, Dwarf, or Elf?

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It’s no secret that I’m a huge J.R.R. Tolkien fan geek. So is Trail Dust. 😉
Not surprisingly, both of us –separately — have already seen The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey, the first of Sir Peter Jackson’s three movies of Tolkien’s book. And we both give it an enthusiastic “thumbs up”. 😀
For Tolkien fans, here’s a fun short quiz to find out which Hobbit character you most resemble. Click here!
hobbit quiz
I’m told I’m a furry-footed Bilbo Baggins!
P.S. If you’re planning to see The Hobbit: AUJ, make sure you pee first ’cause the movie’s nearly 3 hours long. Also, I suggest you NOT go to the movie, expecting the Good vs. Evil Sturm und Drang of Lord of the Rings. The Hobbit takes place 60 years before LOTR, a lighter-hearted time in Middle-earth.

H/t, the best Tolkien fan site, ever.

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0 responses to “Fun Quiz: Are you a Hobbit, Dwarf, or Elf?

  1. I came up as Galadrial …Go figure ?

    • I retook the quiz, changing my answers to a few questions on which I could have answered differently, e.g., on the hair question. The question is confusing, because it really works only for men, as women (well, most women, lol) don’t have facial hair.
      I am now Elrond. LOL

  2. I’m a Gandalf the Grey…sorry I really haven’t followed the show…is this a good guy or a bad one?

  3. Thanks for the fun game, Dr. Eowyn.

  4. Radagast the Brown. 😀

  5. Galadrial. I don’t know the story that well. I read it a million years ago. (:

  6. What did/do you think of the 48fps presentation? (Provided you saw it at a digital cinema capable of that playback rate.)

    • The cinema showed BOTH the 3-D 48fps and the digital versions. Having read very mixed reviews of 48fps, I opted for the latter.

      • I am not a fan of 3D ( but the non-3D 48fps is worth seeing. It is at once amazingly and odd. Amazing in its hyper-real presence and fidelity and odd because, in some ways, it’s reminiscent of a “soap opera reality” production feel which can be a little disorienting and seem cheap.
        I think that younger people will prefer the high frame rate systems as they haven’t nearly as much invested in watching 24fps motion.

  7. Oh, and I came up as Gandalf the Gray which is a little surprising.

  8. I am Galadriel. Very fun!

  9. Glóin
    You do not easily see something being stolen from you and have a greed for gold. You are extremely good at starting fires.
    I don’t know where it came up with that. It said do you like Gold?
    I said if I could trade it for food. LOL

  10. I retook the test giving the same, exact answers (I did it twice) and I came up as Elrond. When I first took the test I changed one of my answers. Maybe that is why I first came up Galadriel.

  11. well i don’t remember this character from the book but according to the test i just took it says that i am Thorin Oakenshield whoever that is

  12. I came up as Galadriel, too…

  13. Went to see the movie yesterday. Funny this is on here today because I kept wondering during the movie which group I was more like in personality (I’m a counselor so I think about these things :o) Took the quiz and came up as Elrond.

  14. Gandalf~wow!!!!

  15. I came up as Elrond. Rather sad considering I’m 5′ 5”.

  16. OK, took it again and well ..yea, I’ll go with that..LOL
    Many people look up to your beauty, power and wisdom. Perhaps this is what has made you proud. You have the ability to know the minds of others.

  17. I love quizzes. Thank you Eowyn for posting fun quiz.


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