From his own mouth, Obama says he's a Muslim

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0 responses to “From his own mouth, Obama says he's a Muslim

  1. BritCapitalist

    And the POS had the gall to refer to the “first muslim Congressman protecting the Constitution” – Urgh! What an insult. It’s almost impossible to believe that his communist handlers have been able to pull off the greatest Con in the history of America to place this muslim in the White House. Be sure that if we don’t get him out in November it will be impossible to reverse this marxist takeover. Thank you Sage Brush for bringing this important video to FOTM. Excellent!

  2. I could only watch this till the 1:28 mark and then had to stop.
    I can’t listen to this POS anymore.

  3. We;ve known hes a muslim since he starting running for president but hes afraid to admit it. His parents are also not kenyan, they are Malcom X Shabazz and Jo Ann Newman. Thats why none of ann dunhams friends ever saw her pregnant because she WASNT!! Obama sr was used to make him legitimate when I doubt malcom x was even married to joann newman and for that matter, doubt obama sr and ann dunham were ever married, legally. This man is a con artist.

  4. I managed to get all the way through this. I was teared up, grinding my teeth and clenching my fists at different intervals. How did we let this piece of garbage, this vile sycophant to allah get to the position of leader of the free world? I saw some coverage here I had never seen before, and I feel sick to my stomach.
    And on a side note, who is the scumbag down-voting everyone’s posts? F you and go die in a fire!


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