From Don to Dawn: ABC newsman goes full drag

You can be whatever you wanna be! Just close your eyes and make a wish!
Don Ennis is a balding, 49-year-old top journalist for ABC News.
Last Friday, as reported by the New York Post, Ennis walked into his Manhattan office in full drag — in a “little black dress” and a brunette bobbed wig — and announced to his colleagues that henceforth, he wants to be known as Dawn.

Don to Dawn EnnisDon Ennis (l); Don Ennis in drag (r)

Joe Kovacs reports for WND that Don Ennis, who works for the network at its New York City office, is going public with a new female identity of Dawn Ennis.
Ennis writes on his Facebook page, where a brand-new, “feminine” profile picture is displayed:
“Today I begin anew. Please understand: This is not a game of dress-up, or make-believe. It is my affirmation of who I now am and what I must do to be happy, in response to a soul-crushing secret that my wife and I have been dealing with for more than seven years, mostly in secret.”
Ennis claims he suffers from an “unusual hormonal imbalance,” and blames his mother, who allegedly fed him female hormones as a child to prolong a commercial acting career. He says while those hormones made the little boy look and sound young, he eventually developed female-style breasts. He says doctors can’t explain or remedy the condition, and he has been undergoing hormone-replacement therapy to maintain “mysteriously a more female than male body.” “I have a rare medical condition – nothing deadly or infectious – but it has resulted in an unusual hormonal imbalance. One so profound that I don’t resemble the man you first met 10 years ago.”
Ennis, the father of three children, says he’s splitting from Wendy, his wife of 17 years, in order to become a woman. Though he hasn’t had a surgical sex change, Ennis says his marriage to Wendy is “wrecked,” and he moved out of their family home on Saturday, the day after informing his ABC colleagues.

Don & Wendy EnnisWendy and Don Ennis

Ennis is a 10-year veteran at ABC News. To celebrate the change, he brought a cake and glitter to work on Friday, and co-workers reportedly left flowers on his desk, with ABC News President Ben Sherwood writing a note of support.
Reaction to the switch is already being posted online, including:

  • “Gotta say, shocked! But if you’re happy, so am I.” (Peter Bernard)
  • “He still looks like himself, only with a wig!” (Peter Sterling)
  • “I gotta say … the AFTER picture looks way better. (Rocco)

Ennis is now shopping around for a book deal.
“I’m overwhelmed by the strong support I’ve received from my coworkers, and I’m looking forward to telling my story when I’m ready,” Ennis said.
Read the rest of Kovacs’ WND article here.
I have just two questions for “Dawn”:

  1. What is the medical name for your “unusual hormonal imbalance” or is the scientific name “unusual”?
  2. How come afflicted though you are from the scourge of Unusual Hormonal Imbalance, you managed to father three kids?

By the way, Canadian psychiatrist Joseph Berger says “scientifically there is no such thing as transgender.”
H/t FOTM’s tina!

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Hopefully his / her children are old enough to not have to suffer the ridicule of bringing Don / Dawn to a parent / teachers conference or ” What Does My Daddy do for a Living ” session .


This is just disgusting to me!


Well, as Everyone Loves Raymond’s daddy would say, “HOLY CRAP!” These people have got to get a normal life!!!

Dave McMullen
Dave McMullen

Poster Boy for ABC news..Just one more reason not to watch it.




On a serious note, this is sad for a fellow human being to be doing to HIMself.