Frightening Agenda 21 Chart

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UN Document Laying out Agenda 21
H/t beloved fellow Tina.
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0 responses to “Frightening Agenda 21 Chart

  1. Wow, I had no idea they had gotten this far.

  2. In my opinion, Agenda 21 is THE ISSUE. Any candidate who waffles on it or supports any facet of it should be voted out. Period!

  3. Other states should follow Florida’s awareness of this serious threat to property rights & personal freedoms… by refusing to comply with Agenda 21 & boot them the H#LL OUT of their state!

  4. Ok, I just posted a comment and it isn’t showing. I said that ALL states should follow Florida & BOOT Agenda 21 the H#LL OUT of their states before this commie power grab completely engulfs AmeriKa. They WILL come after personal property! It’s the main part of their diabolical, control freak PLAN. And they will use the “environment” as their excuse and “perceived” threat to implement this nonsense. Eminent Domain will soon take on an entirely different definition- and they want us “stacked & packed” into these coming, “sustainable communities” where no “sprawl” is allowed. No cars, no personal property rights, rationed EVERYTHING. I do NOT want to live like that, that is the complete opposite of what America was meant to BE! SCREW the U.N! These b#stards are evil incarnate!

  5. If you see the acronym ICLEI, BEWARE!!!! THEY ARE DANGEROUS It’s all part of the scheme. ICLEI is local, county,state, federal. That’s how it has oozed in over the years. Use your search engine to look them up. There’s tons on them. They have to be picked up and thrown into the nearest ocean. They are unelected people influencing how the wind blows.


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