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There is an old saying that goes actions speak louder than words. Over the course of my 47 years on this rock, I have found that to be true – especially in the case of politicians who come in all political stripes.
I do not get all that excited over what politicians say, as they can spew enough warm gas in a twenty minute speech to float a hot air balloon half way across the country. No, I look at their voting record, because that is where the rubber meets the road. You can learn a great deal about what people are made of by observing what they actually do, especially when they think no one is paying attention.
Another way to get a handle on people is to look at who they associate with, who they were raised by, who they pal around with, and thus who it was that may have helped to shape their world view.
In the case of our somewhat mysterious 44th POTUS, those associations are not a little troubling, given what has transpired in this country since January 20, 2009 (bolds are mine throughout):

Recipe for disaster: Ayers, Alinsky, Cloward & Piven
By FRANK MIELE/Daily Inter Lake
When last we left the revolutionary Bill Ayers, he was furiously scribbling the “Weatherman” manifesto in 1969 and learning how to build nail bombs while actively encouraging not just one, but “two, three, many Vietnams,” in an effort to bring down the United States government.
It was obvious, after examining the words of “You Don’t Need a Weatherman to Know Which Way the Wind Blows,” that Ayers and his allies in the Orwellian-named Students for a Democratic Society (You know the routine: “war is peace,” “freedom is slavery,” “communism is democracy”!) were waging a two-front war of violence against America which they hoped would topple the government by over-extending its resources.
In their own words from the “Weatherman” manifesto, they explained that drawing the U.S. into multiple costly overseas wars would go “hand in hand” with a domestic strategy also intended to bankrupt the U.S. Treasury.
That strategy saw an opportunity to take advantage of what it called “the urban crisis around welfare, the hospitals, the schools, housing, air and water pollution.”
These social services and social protections were a much easier sell to the American public than either bombs at home or wars abroad, but they had just as dangerous an impact on the viability of the American government. Thus, promoting more and more “entitlements” and insisting on more and more “social justice” was part of the same revolution that led inexorably to nail bombs and multiple Vietnams.
As envisioned by Ayers and his co-authors in 1969, once the public gets acclimated to being guaranteed a growing panoply of social services such as welfare, medical care and housing, “The state cannot provide the services it has been forced to assume responsibility for, and needs to increase taxes and to pay its growing debts while it cuts services…”
That – as Ayers was smart enough to see – would lead inevitably to social turmoil and financial disaster, and thus might precipitate the communist revolution that SDS hoped would topple the United States government.
We may still get to see if they were right – because that is exactly where we are today. One step ahead of us is Greece, but the growing number of entitlements in our federal budget has already made us an economic basket case, with no cure available except the unthinkable: massive cutbacks in spending that would lead to huge social unrest.

You will find the rest here.
Once you have finished reading, perhaps what we have been seeing since Obama took up residence in the White House will make a little more sense – from his perspective, at least.

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excellent article Dave. hopefully people that don’t get it,will. Just heard on Rush Limbaugh,the California Democrat Party-aka (communists) were giving money to “Solyndra” I think the citizens need to pay this bunch some much needed attention,along with the illegals buddy,Jerry Brown.