Friday’s Funny Critters

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Have to admit some of these are pretty darn funny.

~Steve~                               Thanks To hujonwi

I Think this is my favorite. Reminds me of my dog.  😆




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0 responses to “Friday’s Funny Critters

  1. Cute! Such clever captions! 😀

    The one about “how to catch a cat” is so true! LOL

  2. funny!

  3. And… feisty kitten has the Rubles and won’t given them back:

  4. All those kitties in one box, cute!

  5. Those are really great, and the last one reminds me of the pair of Lab/Doberman mixes I once had.

    LOL – I actually had to put a child lock on the refrigerator.


  6. This, in my MHO [My Humble Opinion], has to be one of the best critter video collections ever. Ya gotta love it!!

  7. These are hilarious!


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