Friday Funny: Look what a little makeup can do!

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Katie Couric with without makeupOlivia Wilde with without makeupGwyneth Paltrow without makeupOprah Winfrey with without makeupMadonna without makeupmakeup2
H/t FOTM’s maziel

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0 responses to “Friday Funny: Look what a little makeup can do!

  1. Hillary is a Horse’s Arse, all right: A Horse’s Arse for THE DEVIL!
    Hillary Clinton attended Wellsley, a university which has had a reputation for nurturing and encouraging the “arts of deception.”
    MAKE NO MISTAKE: Many in the United States government are into the occult. When America falls—God Forbid—these Satanists will say—just like John Belushi—“You screwed up! You trusted me!”
    I still cannot identify WHO is funding her.

  2. I think I would rather feed them than buy their makeup. Really confused as to how Paltrow ever made the most beautiful list.
    As for Hillary, she should use the pic on the left, it is nicer.

  3. The last one made my day with laughter. But please, oh please… it is an insult to a horses ass.

  4. Reblogged this on Lost Dudeist Astrology and commented:
    A bit mean spirited, but we pass it on anyway.

    • I beg to differ.
      Definition of “Mean spirited” according to the Oxford Dictionary is “Inconsiderate and unsympathetic”.
      Please explain why I should be considerate and sympathetic toward these leftwingers who are doing their utmost to corrupt journalism (Couric), culture (Wilde, Winfrey, Paltrow, Madonna), and further destroy our country (Clinton)?

      • HEAR, HEAR !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

      • Oprah Winfrey has done incredible harm and damage to the Culture: She has made a career of demonizing men. And her ability to get women to admit to their most intimate details, in a public forum, is a kind of pornography. Far from being liberating, it is a kind of deconstructionism. I would say she has done more harm and damage than Madonna.

      • Feel free to differ. That’s just my own opinion and comment.

  6. Kevin J Lankford

    I was just wondering; are the first 5 all real too?

  7. HAHAHA!!!

  8. I agree the picture of the horses’ patoot is far easier to look at than Hillary. It is interesting to note that the “before” picture of Oprah is S-H-A-D-E-S darker than the Oprah with makeup. If people of color are to be perceived as being equal to other people–then they do err when they use touched up photos of themselves (as if being black is something which is not acceptable.) This is an injustice to blacks everywhere. If you notice in movies, tv, etc., the woman playing opposite the black man is A-L-W-A-Y-S many shades lighter than he–what gives with this???

  9. Kouric,Wilde and Madonna look like mug shots of Meth addicts. Hillary is-Hillary. Like the Garage owner said in the movie “Christine”, “Ya can’t polish a turd.”
    Oprah has never,even on her BEST day,been a Raving Beauty,and these pics just prove it. Even if she,and all the others for that matter,were Gorgeous women,what’s in their hearts and minds makes ’em as ugly as a wet mud fence plastered with frog guts.

  10. Hillary looks so much better without makeup…don’t you think?

  11. well, Oprah’s face looks shades lighter, but so do her shoulders/hands. Probably it’s just the lighting–which is really everything (check out Madonna’s after). But who really knows or cares? Okay, I too was stunned when Paltrow was picked as “most beautiful,” but her before and after pix look most alike–which is saying something in Tinseltown.

  12. Thank you Dr. Eowyn for this great post! The differences are incredible!
    With regard to any spurious and self-righteous accusations about Dr. Eowyn’s post, the pictures of these public figures are real — with make-up and without make-up. Accordingly, there is nothing inappropriate about the pictures as they are what they are. As to “what difference does it make” Hilary, I think the horse’s behind with the tail are too kind for Hilary. Horses are known for their loyalty to their owners and their tremendous sense of service and gallantry in the face of evil. As for Hilary, evil makes no difference to her as she made that very clear to us in the Benghazi tragedy in an arrogant and matter-of-fact manner. Therefore, Dr. Eowyn was more than fair as to this most awful example of an American woman.

  13. Somehow I just knew that there would be an outrageously funny “end” to this. 🙂


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