Friday Funny: How to get freebies!

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how to get freebies
P.S. I added “Black” to the original pic. 
H/t FOTM‘s maziel

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0 responses to “Friday Funny: How to get freebies!

  1. Dr. Eowyn, under which of your five categories do you think these limp-wristed, “well-dressed” future leaders of western society most easily identify? I’m leaning toward the second and third. 😉
    Here’s the link:
    (Source: American Digest)

    • HA HA HA HA!
      This merits a post. Soon to come. THANK YOU, Eggs! 😀

      • You’re welcome. Should they ever decide to model work clothes, Carhartt offers a womens’ line of apparel. On second thought, they’d probably break a well-manicured nail or two.

  2. I went there, but it’s way too Bizarro New World Disorder crapola for me. And while I make an effort to understand and accept what is new to me, IMO this is just egotistical horseshit & tea leaves, if you catch my drift….

  3. I have been doing it alllll wrong! LOL

  4. Should have thrown in tranny in waiting to get a free de-nutting

  5. I don’t know which is worse .. the dude in the pool or the link to the pervert wearing the women’s clothing for men… er…ah… um … men? I meant “Sissy Boys”. Sorry … still trying to get my bulging eyeballs back into their sockets and the hair on my head to lay back down!
    I may not sleep well tonight.

  6. Hilarious!


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