Friday Funny! Cat whacks dog for flatulating

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A dog is sound asleep.

Next to the dog is a cat who’s wide awake.

Suddenly, the dog emits a loud fart.

The cat looks startled, then collects herself, and gives the dog two big whacks on his head. LOL

H/t PawMyGosh


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12 responses to “Friday Funny! Cat whacks dog for flatulating

  1. Funny! Ever notice how cats think they’re the ones in charge?

  2. My wife has the same reaction to me when I’m asleep.

  3. Too funny, poor doggie!

  4. Funny stuff!

  5. Poor doggie, he’s oblivious to what’s going on.

  6. Speak oh tender lips that never told a lie! Cats do not think they are in charge…. They KNOW they are in charge…

  7. I love how the dog goes back to sleep.

    My dog would always feel guilty whenever his fart made a sound, cause he’d get up & walk away in shame – even though there wasn’t much of a smell. God forbid he’d let out an SBD while his butt was near my face when he lay in bed next to me – he wouldn’t budge!

  8. Totally made my day! Cracked up when I saw this…


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