Friday Funny: Bath time!

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What do you think shocked this cat at the 1:50 mark?

My guess: The cat saw its owner naked. LOL

H/t Kelleigh


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9 responses to “Friday Funny: Bath time!

  1. You forgot the bubbles! Hey! Hey! Where are my bubbles?

  2. Leave it to you Doctor Eowyn to make us smile. This one film is tops!

  3. What a great way to start the day–watching these wonderful animals in the bath.

  4. Totes adorbs <3

  5. Most of the dogs were incredibly relaxed, especially the retrievers.

    I loved the idea of spreading peanut butter at one end of the tub so the dog would stay in the tub. Wish I’d have thought of that years ago. My German Shepherd hated the tub, so I had to give him a bath outdoors. He probably didn’t like the cold water rinse out of a hose in November, but he didn’t want to stay in the tub.

  6. Cat @ 1:50-“DAMN!!! What’s IN that wine???

  7. Cute stuff!

  8. What beautiful eyes that cute kitten has at the end of the video! The whole video was the best!

  9. Very adorable! I liked the otter. I am also pleasantly surprised to see the cat and the kitten—I thought cats normally hated getting wet. Very nice.


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