Friday funnies!

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9 responses to “Friday funnies!

  1. Love these! – esp. the last one. 😀

  2. Last two are the funniest of all.

  3. The ones with Schumer & Pelosi are priceless—and true!

  4. “I shot the Echo, it was a good time”
    Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha!!!

    Thanks DCG

  5. LOL – Love the Echo one.

  6. I love the “Term Limits” one….and BTW….can anyone hazard a guess at WHAT the heck Pelosi is chewing when she’s not talking aloud? Besides her familial tremor of her head and the usual wildly waving hands….when she’s not talking, as in this recent broadcast to the American public, she stands there and “chews” something like a cow chewing cud: mouth twisting, lips screwing up and going from side to side, jaw shifting right and left…..This woman’s personal “body tics” are so annoying that I can’t stand to look at her….and THEN…you add in the stupid things she says in her breathy, halting voice/delivery…..wildly waving arms, gyrating, trembling head, stumbling/halting delivery….grasping for words…..OY! Someone, PLEASE, give her some medication to deliver ME from my misery with her. And, I’ll close by saying that Chuck should get rid of his danged half-elipse bi-focals b/c he’s ALWAYS looking down his nose at me–literally and in fact.

    • ItsOKtoWakeUpNow

      Reminds me of WJClinton. He has similar tics. I guess after a lifetime of raping people (one way or the other) you have to medicate to function.

  7. Love them all.


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