Friday Funnies!

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. . . and political truth memes.

And a real funny!


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9 responses to “Friday Funnies!

  1. Perfect. These are great, especially third from the last one on rhetoric.

  2. That last one was too funny!

  3. Funny way to end a volatile week! 😁

  4. Not much can make me laugh out loud these days, but the Hillary photo did. Thanks.

  5. Loved the “Trump needs to tone down the rhetoric.” I’ve had a hard week and work amongst CA liberal teachers. I speak often before or after school with one teacher who shares my views and we spoke before school at her door about the “Caravan” reaching TJ, Mexico. The LIBERAL teacher at the next door evesdropped on us…..and gave us an “evil eye.” Being tired of EVERYTHING (reporting grades that week, family responsibilities of mine and in continued settlement of my mom’s estate….etc etc…..) I just looked at her and said something to the effect, ” Yeah, I’m a conservative, as you well KNOW, which is why you are interested in my converstion with another conservative…… and this week I might just put on a black mask and go out and burn something down or shoot a Democrat at a ball game or accuse a liberal of sexual misconduct, murder, or child abuse or something pretty bad……maybe EVEN RUSSIAN COLLUSION……”

    She’s still speaking to me…but I know it’s just perfunctory by now b/c we are on the same staff.

  6. meanwhile the Freemason created Zionist “racist” state of Israel places Blacks & other immigrants in concentration camps for deportation. Dershowitz on the (K) Fox news network said that it was wonderful that (Judeo)-Muslims our in our country & Congress, while they are barred from the zio-masonic state. Hypocrites, liars, and frauds, just like Christ said.

    U.S. Rabbis to Lead ‘Pilgrimage’ to Border to Protest Trump’s Treatment of Migrants

  7. ‘That’s all we’ve got!’


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