Friday funnies!

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h/t @CloydRivers


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10 responses to “Friday funnies!

  1. I like all of these, but my favorite is the Cherokee!

  2. Those are great, but the first one is truly hilarious. 🙂

  3. Thanks DCG, they’re all a hoot!
    Here’s one to go with the first one.
    Muslim hugging pig

  4. I hate to put a damper on the mood here (my fav is the Cherokee too, BTW) but I was wondering about a FOTM issue that I’ve noticed. Is it just me or is everyone here having old FOTM articles show up in their email inbox? Thus far, I’ve been sent 17 FOTM emails today. Although a few appear to be new articles, the rest are generally regarding the Parkland shooting and are dated from February. Is this just a mis-configuration of my subscription to FOTM perhaps? I don’t mind the extra emails although they do make it more difficult for me to see the current published articles. I’m also a little concerned that WordPress–which has certainly shown its true colors this year–might somehow be misbehaving without Dr. E’s knowledge but I’m probably just being paranoid. 😉

    • For the umpteenth time, this is the explanation:

      EVERY ONE of FOTM’s pre-WP-takedown posts must be restored one by one.
      When I restore them, even though the original publication date is not today, you get an email notification as if it’s a newly published post.

      You don’t want them, just opt out of email notification.


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