Fresh Video Out of Wisconsin: Teens with Bullhorns Look Pretty Well Organized

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The following video comes to us courtesy of a public school student who took this footage himself and posted it on YouTube.

You are watching a large crowd from Madison East High flood the Capital rotunda last Tuesday on the first day of protests. Some of these kids are as young as 14 and 15. An unidentified boy with a bullhorn seems to assume the role of leader as he charges to the front, encouraging them to decry “union busting.”
Also note the professionally printed signs and elaborate posters these kids are holding up. On Tuesday morning. The day this supposedly began. Yeah, that really looks like a gang of kids who “found out” that school was canceled and spontaneously chose to join their teachers.
Where are the parents in Wisconsin? Where is concern that these kids haven’t attended school for days?
And since we’ve learned that Organizing for America is behind this, can we now assert that Democrats are perfectly willing to manipulate children, keep them out of school, and shove political fireworks into their hands as a means of getting more bodies to show up at a protest?
You can bet your bottom dollar the Tea Party Express would be slapped with criminal charges if it closed public schools and gave a bullhorn to a gang of teenagers.
But as the old saying goes, what a difference with a (D).

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0 responses to “Fresh Video Out of Wisconsin: Teens with Bullhorns Look Pretty Well Organized

  1. These students are the ones who will be governing our nation in the future. The school system is exploiting them in this demonstration for a larger more energetic and boisterous turnout. When questioned individually, one soon learns this kids have no clue what the protest is about. This is government education at its finest. Teachers and administrators responsible for giving these kids a few days off to be props for the unions should lose their careers! Parents no longer have any say-so now that the educational system has become parens patriae for being all knowing and the wiser than parents of these minors. No wonder people home school these days. God help our children. Free them from this bias propaganda by their communist mentors paid for by you and me.

  2. Taxpayer money is supporting the field trip, obviously. Great school-related activity, there. Not partisan at all, eh?

  3. In Oregon, the school district emailed students they’d get extra school credit for political activism that aligned with the school’s objectives. I don’t have the info freshly before me. Saw it on another blog.

  4. Wonder how these people will feel when some of their neighbors have to pay more taxes. The teachers are teachign these kids that it is ok to call in false sick day, to protest. If I were a parent ther, I would be mighty displeased that I was paying a teacher a sick day to go mouth off. As for the teens; they are just there to party.

  5. The Marxists call teenagers and the young “useful idiots’ Judging from this video he is one of them and so are the other youths with him.


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