Insane: 16% of French with favorable view of ISIS

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As the French prepare to vote for a new President this weekend, the country is the throes of another Islamic terrorist attack.
On the night of April 20, 2017, two French policemen were shot dead and others wounded on Paris’ famed Champs-Élysées boulevard. The assailant, 39-year-old French national Abu Yousif al-Belgiki, was shot dead by police. The Islamic State or ISIS quickly claimed responsibility for the shooting. (Reuters)

France has lived under a state of emergency since 2015 and has suffered a spate of Islamist militant attacks mostly perpetrated by young Muslim males who grew up in France and Belgium.
Despite that, there is no assurance that French nationalist Marine Le Pen will win the upcoming presidential election. Among the reasons is the fact that, incredibly, a 2014 survey of Europeans’ opinion of ISIS found that the French viewed ISIS more favorably than Brits or Germans. As many as 16% of the French had a positive view of ISIS — those radical Muslims who torture and behead people.
The survey was conducted by ICM for Russian news agency Rossiya Segodnya. ICM interviewed 3,007 respondents in Britain (1,000), France (1,006) and Germany (1,001) by telephone, July 11-21, 2014. Here are the poll’s findings:

  • 16% of all French citizens had a positive opinion of ISIS.
  • 27% of ages 18-24 viewed ISIS favorably.


  • 7% of all Brits had a positive opinion of ISIS.
  • 4% of  ages 18-24, 6% of ages 24-35, and 11% of ages 35-44 viewed ISIS favorably.


  • 3% to 4% of all age groups had a positive opinion of ISIS.

In 2017, France has an estimated population of nearly 67 million, with at least 5-6 million Muslims. Though historically Roman Catholic, France has become de-Christianized. A study by political scientist Pierre Bréchon in 2009 concluded that the proportion of Catholics had fallen to 42% of the population, while the number of atheists and agnostics had risen to 50%. According to a survey in January 2007, only 5% of the French population attended church regularly; among those who identified as Catholic, only 10% attended church services regularly. (Wikipedia)
The onslaught of Muslim “refugees” and “migrants” have transformed parts of Paris into a dump.

H/t FOTM‘s Ken R. for the pics.

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55 responses to “Insane: 16% of French with favorable view of ISIS

  1. theboldcorsicanflame

    No not French people the muslims in France who are destroying our country from within thanks to the liberals and misc people…

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  3. Those 16% are either self-destructive or muslims– probably the latter.

  4. These polls are likely manipulated, just as ours are in the U.S.. I agree with Anonymous, the demographic sampling was likely manipulated to provide the desired results.

  5. As a culture they rejected God, and the results are telling.

    • TD . . . you have hit on the true reason these European countries are in such dire straights! They have turned their backs on God, so God has turned his back to them . . . until such time as they repent and return to worshiping the Only God of This World!

    • Q: Whats the difference between a smart Frenchman and a unicorn?
      A: Nothing, they’re both fictional characters

      • I don’t subscribe to what you wrote moreover it is insulting in my book for all the French who are denied to speak up and are far from stupid!!! They are STILL some smart french people, not a many it’s true, but you would be surprised. When someone writes “The Americans” “The English” “The French” they are totally in the wrong. The people of France had it and it will show in the polls. Sorry to disappoint you.

      • I find this statement offensive being French and fighting for the last 10 years. Moreover that the owner of the blog could post such a wrong statement insulting millions of French people who put up with 5 years of socialist pro islam dictatorship who bans Freedom of Speech

        • “that the owner of the blog could post such a wrong statement insulting millions of French people who put up with 5 years of socialist pro islam dictatorship who bans Freedom of Speech”
          What wrong statement did I post? I reported the results of a 2014 survey. If you dispute the findings of that poll, show us counter-evidence instead of spew accusations. In all our posts, FOTM consistently, invariably condemns radical Islam (and Islam, period), and urges both Americans and Europeans to say “no” to the onslaught of Muslim invaders, deceptively called “refugees” and “migrants”, pointing out that Islam is anathema to western civilization. And if the French actually vote Marine Le Pen as your president, we’ll be the first to rejoice and congratulate you.

          • I was talking about the “joke” about the French: “Q: Whats the difference between a smart Frenchman and a unicorn?
            A: Nothing, they’re both fictional characters”
            Personally I think it is important in such a debate not to post comments who are insulting to the people of the country. All French people do not think alike. I wouldn’t post a stupid joke in the comments of my website but everybody is different. Made me want to sign off as a follower but then your website is very interesting, so I refrained myself from leaving

            • theboldcorsicanflame:
              Unless a comment is a death threat or blasphemous or spews obscenities, it is published — just as your rebuttals to the commenters you’re offended by are published. WordPress administers subscription, so there is no way for FOTM to un-subscribe you. You must do it yourself. I’m sure there’s a way to unsubscribe in the emails that WordPress sends you.
              I hope Le Pen wins tomorrow, and I wish you well.
              Au Revoir.

              • Ok but as a blog administrator I know you can delete comments (for the subscription I can do it myself) I know you can delete the comments my dear as I have done before on my blogs. So basically, you refuse. Ok thanks!! Oaw so now I know that we have the same enemy but you are fine with anti french posts not aimed at the religion of hatred and war… Too bad I liked your blog but this is not right in my book

              • Post on WORDPRESS about comments on another blog: “Now the situation w/ comments left on other blogs looks like the the comment you’ve post on a someone’s blog becomes a property of the owner of this particular blog (who can modify it by any way she wants).
                in other words, the original comment left by you on someone’s other blog is not yours anymore, now it belongs to the owner of the blog you have post comment on….
                So I gather you like to keep the comments just because you hate french people like me ! Right on! We are in deep s….t with people with such a mentality trying to help us to see the islamic peril…..Why don’t you lash at the real assassins and degenerates: the muslims. NOt a RACE, not a COUNTRY since they are EVERYWHERE.

                • “So I gather you like to keep the comments just because you hate french people like me!”
                  I say this in all seriousness and without rancor: You are beginning to sound quite demented. Please get help.

                • By the way, boldcorsican, why do you pretend to be two separate commenters? — ’cause your other alias, freespirittodayworld, has the exact same IP address as you.

          • And if the French actually vote Marine Le Pen as your president, we’ll be the first to rejoice and congratulate you? Do you ever consider what it is like for the people who vote Marine in france? We are seen as monsters, the media bash everyday every hour Marine Le Pen and her supporters.So if she ever failed there are still a lot of people who suffer among the muslims in France whether they succeed or not to elect the only patriot in these elections

          • As I don’t see email address to contact you, could you be so kind to delete my comments and as a wordpress user my subscription to your blog. I cannot accept to read such offensive comments as we French people who fight the barbarians we are already being lashed out in France so not on a blog on wordpress. This cannot be right. Thank you to let me know. Best

      • That’s so rude, you can turn 66 million and a respected culture into idiots if it makes you feel better. But I don’t understand how the owner of this blog can let this type of post on their website!

    • LOL – You forgot the French surplus military rifles.
      Never been fired and only dropped once. 😉

      • That’s smart…to offend millions of French who put up with islamic terrorism each day and have their weapons taken away…

        • Their guns were taken because they allowed their government to snatch them.
          If the truth offends them, tough sh*t.

          • What do you do when you are labeled “terrorist” for the State because you are against islamism? You shoot the people who come to arrest you too…? So many ignorance on this topic. Like anyone who can read can see that macron is maybe being elected to lobbys, medias, billionaires, google, microsoft etc etc etc….What can you do when you are outnumbered..? You go quietly for the resistance. SO before you write ALL people of France are just cowards or douche bags, just look at what happene din the USA, in Europe and you may not write such comment after that

    • Just realized that the comments are actually to laugh at the French…as if 66 million people think the same…? We are quite a lot to be fed up with what is going on but the press, the politics except Marine are letting in the enemy and giving them money and even shelter…..Don’t lash at French people most of them suffer…Oaw very sad comments

  6. Kevin J Lankford

    AHH…….Another successful operation by our c.i.a., israeli mossad, and british intel.

  7. 10% Muslim population does not explain 16% ISIS support. What would though, is the de-Christianization of France. When the foundation is destroyed, what will the righteous do? France is wide open for manipulation by the Marxist left. And the goal of demonic Marxism is quite clearly the death of the nation-state, first, and ultimately, of all godliness and decency.

  8. Considering how proud the French are of their country, food, etc. and with all the heartbreak that has happened in their country by ISIS, this poll has to have been taken with bias.
    With such a small number polled, it is easily skewed. Some of their streets and complete areas have become third world, who can be proud of that?

    • We are not as proud as you think especially with what our country has become the last 5 years. So before you put the descredit on 66 million people you should be a litte more cautious on what you write not to offend patriots who fight to get their country back

  9. Q: Why don’t they have fireworks at Euro Disney?
    A: Because every time they shoot them off, the French try to surrender.

    • Such a stupid joke. You are insulting in my book and very disappointed to see that French people like me are being put down on a post about the muslims who are destroying my country. Thanks very nice!!!

  10. Europe is toast.
    It’s only a matter of time now.
    If you don’t believe me, just read this:

  11. The French have, through antiquity, always been eloquent idiots, the engineers of their OWN downfall, eventually calling out for someone else to come “Save me, Save me…” Personally, I’m pretty SICK of “saving” the French and Germans, et al, from themselves. How many times across the centuries does American Blood have to shed for their STUPIDITY?????

    • CalGirl . . . I thought to myself(before seeing your post) . . . I hope these fools (French, German, Belgium, British) don’t ever expect the US to send any of our sons to shed their blood to rescue them. Even animals are smart enough that they so not poop in their own nests . . . yet these nations just can’t seem to figure out the danger they are in. Let them figure it out, and come to a solution on their own!

      • Well have you ever thought that some of the “French” you are despising are parents of american citizens? Probably not. So so shocking to read all these comments who are against the people of France instead of the muslims who are EVERYWHERE and FROM EVERY COUNTRY but usually not likely to be related to the country’s country that they usually hate.

        • Pretty much you missed the point,”bold,” the French are in this mess BECAUSE of indiscriminate Muslim migrations into their country (that you mention), and their tolerance/acceptance of it. I don’t give a rip who fathered whom from France who are in this country today. This has NOTHING to do with this present subject of Muslim Terrorism in France. And, NONE of us “hate” the French….we are just calling them OUT to take responsibility for their own actions and resultant MESS….
          And, too, in this SAME WAY the French seriously compromised Allied purpose, intent and lives….both American and European Jews, during WWII with their pansy-ass policies…and THEN…they expected to be “saved” at the cost of a million lives…..Would you JUST CRACK A HISTORY BOOK now and then? And yes, I am aware that some of the French in some generation or another ARE parents or whatever of American citizens…and we got the Statue of LIberty from France, Lafayette was our friend…. yatta… let’s all join hands and sing. I myself have a French line from the late 1500’s/early 1600’s who “refugeed out” of France with the Reformation…made their way across Europe and eventually ended up HERE….and so does my husband, pretty much from the same era….BUT just b/c you are a progenitor of someone HERE TODAY…does NOT absolve your native progeny who stayed in place over those couple hundred years from making poor decisions that affect not only YOUR country, YOUR citizens, but the world at large, so as to threaten civilization en total. Knock off the political correctness—it does not portend health and longevity for YOU or ME or our next generations! When the French cause their OWN problems by their OWN “immigration” policies, and then cry and whine to the world at large for a solution….it is unsustainable.

          • Well said Calgirl.
            I too, have family back to the French Hugenots, so we both do have a dog in the fight.
            It is very frustrating to see what is allowed to go on because of the lack of electing the right leadership and demanding they do the correct things for their country. Instead, it seems they blow things off and accept it all until it is too late and help is needed.
            The people there need to take their country back, it is time for their action.

        • When the Hitlerite horde invaded France, half (if not more) of the country sided with the NAZIs.
          Kinda hard for me to respect a country that caved in like a $5 tent in a monsoon.
          As for the mooooooooooooslims they now find themselves being targeted by, they are the ones that let them into their country, not us.

    • You are pretty sick of “saving the french and the German”? Oaw….I wonder why I came to this website to read such stupid comments. The French don’t need anybody or they go down or they get out of this mess with or without you…! So rude!

    • How many years the WHOLE world will have to suffer the consequences and put up with the atrocities of the islamist Obama the AMERICANS elected?

  12. About 20% of the French population is Muslim so not exactly shocking.

  13. Just so sad to read comments on how the “French” are stupid, or completely spaced out…Oaw! Thought this was a friendly site…

    • If it weren’t for this country, the French would be conversing in German.
      Know why they plant trees along the boulevards of Paris?
      So the Germans can march in the shade.

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  15. I’ve always been fascinated by the difference between the jokes you can tell your friends but you can’t tell to an audience. There’s a fine line you have to tread because you don’t know who is out there in the auditorium. A lot of people are too easily offended.
    – Billy Connolly

    • People are easily offended? A real joke is to laugh WITH people not AGAINST people that defend your opinion…..YWe the few French patriots who fight against islamic invasion in our country are already put down here for naming the enemy and when one comes to a website and reads as a title “The French are insane….” Just because a few muslims with no culture have been asked a one dollar question about daesh…You think that the French in their majority are not disgusted by daesh and all that is going on? Give me a break you have to be at best a douche bag to like these monsters. We cannot laugh as everyday people are slaughtered in FRANCE and we don’t want the FRENCH as a people to be blamed for what muslims do. I didn’t elect Hollande many didn’t and yet they had to put up with the consequences of his politics. SHould we say that ALL THE AMERICANS are morons because they elected TWICE an islamist obama who lied and let thousands of djihadists in the country and started more wars than any other american President?

  16. When you are offended at any man’s fault, turn to yourself and study your own failings. Then you will forget your anger.
    – Epictetus

  17. Oaw last time I come here! even though I did many times reblogged some of your articles. All these posts ranting about ALL THE FRENCH people you despise so much. Not my cup of tea and most of all, it does feel like french bashing here. I don’t subscribe to what happens to France and unfortunately there are people in france alled “French” but they have not the culture, not the love of the country. No doubt that some of the comments here are plain rude and unfair

    • So, “Free,” if we amended the title of this blog to read ,”SOME of the French are insane……” would you feel better? And, FYI….evidently the majority of Americans ARE MORONS for electing TWICE an Islamist Obama. MOST of us agree on that here. Don’t feel so singled out. We’ve ALL been called the “Ugly Americans” COLLECTIVELY for going on a century here and our panties are NOT tied up in knots, YET….We still get up and find a way to go on each day.

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  19. The U.S., Israel, Al Qaeda and The Kingdom all in the same bed together in Syria!



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