French government doesn't want its people to see presidential candidate Macron's tax-evasion emails

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On the eve of what may be France’s most important presidential election between globalist Emmanuel Macron and nationalist Marine LePen, the French government is telling the country’s media that they must not publish damaging emails of Macron’s tax evasion so as “to prevent the outcome of the vote being influenced.”
French TV news channels, being partial to Macron (just as America’s MSM openly favored Hillary Clinton in the 2016 election), are compliant and have not mentioned the Macron emails. But the left-leading Liberation prominently featured the news on its website, while saying that the information had been distributed in an “unethical method,” and that timing of the hack is meant “to create chaos“.
The emails, which Macron claims had been hacked, were posted on the 4chan chat forum yesterday afternoon.
As William Craddick of Disobedient Media puts it, the leaked documents:

“appear to show that French Presidential Candidate Emmanuel Macron entered into an operating agreement for a Limited Liability Company (LLC) in the Caribbean island of Nevis, and that the company may have had a business relationship with a bank which has been previously involved in tax evasion cases in the Cayman Islands . . . .
[Less than a month ago in] April, Macron denied that he was hiding offshore accounts or inheritances from French authorities, even as his opponent François Fillion became mired in similar allegations. If confirmed as authentic, the documents would prove [Macron’s denial] … to be untrue and provide important clues as to where the hidden funds might be located.”

Since 4chan deletes its posts at the end of each day, you can’t read those posts on 4chan, but they are archived here.
In the interest of the French people having the knowledge about presidential candidate Macron so as to make an informed choice in the ballot box, FOTM is joining other blogs in exposing the content of the Macron emails, specifically two documents.
The first document is an operating agreement bearing Macron’s name and signature which was drawn up on May 4th, 2012 to form an offshore company, La Providence LLC, in Nevis, a small island in the Caribbean described by Bloomberg as a popular tax haven in that offshore LLCs in Nevis are guaranteed secrecy and privacy. Information about company owners is neither published nor available to the public.
Below is a screenshot of the operating agreement, showing Macron’s name:

A second document provides evidence of a business relationship between Macron and a bank with a history of tax evasion, in the form of a fax sent to Macron’s La Providence Ltd. from the First Caribbean International Bank based in Barbados. According to Forbes, First Caribbean International Bank was implicated as a facilitator of tax evasion in 2013. The bank was also named by Reuters as a player in fraud in the 2015 Fédération Internationale de Football Association (FIFA) scandals.
Below is a screenshot of the fax referring to a returned check (cheque) that First Caribbean International Bank had sent to Macron’s La Providence LLC:


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0 responses to “French government doesn't want its people to see presidential candidate Macron's tax-evasion emails

  1. It is like a Hillary Clinton Media deja vu all over again.
    Sad for France that the government in office now is doing little to save their country and have no intention in assisting a woman that just might be the one to save France. I hope they don’t expect us to bail them out again.

    • Heck,with the Liberals in Congress and MOST of the Conservatives in Congress obstructing everything our President TRIES to do on our behalf,we’ll be hard pressed to bail out our OWN Country!

  2. traildustfotm

    This is a very important race to us all. And our enemies are using the same tactics in France that were used in America.

    • ” that were used in America”
      You probably mean ARE being used in America….

  3. This is a superb posting, not at all illegal, but in the true Spirit of 1789, which ‘lasted from 1789 until 1799, and was partially carried forward by Napoleon.’ It was this era that ushered in the promises and potentials of our modern eras, and it spread from France throughout the world, as it was meant for all humankind, not France alone.
    Granted, it ended in Bonaparte, or simply Napoleon, as he preferred. He evolved from radical military upstart to his assumption of Emperor: “he rewrote the French Constitution in 1802, making himself consul for life; two years later he again fiddled with the constitution to declare himself emperor.” (
    Consider this: if history doesn’t repeat itself literally, it certainly follows rather predictable human bents and follies: perhaps France is about to have a new kind of revolution. If Ms LePen assumes the leadership, over time she may evolve into something quite different than the role she was first cast for this election. I’m not saying she’ll parallel President Trump, but she’s certainly a far more dynamic actor than the Rothschild’s stooge puppet Macron.

  4. Pravda approved!

  5. Don’t the silly French gov’t know that the vote is influenced by the media, and anything the candidates did, didn’t do and their scandals……

    • But it’s just so EASY to blame the Russians! At LEAST they’re not blaming BUSH….

  6. Comes too late to have an outcome that is beneficial to Le Pen, it seems. Nobody can sort through 9 gigs in a day, whereas Wikileaks was gradually dropping stories from its findings over three months before the election
    If one takes that position, then either the person making the dump was too stupid to realize the bad timing, just happened to take that long to succeed or this is an effort to actually help the Macron crowd. If Macron loses, then claim it was because of the leak.

  7. also, france has a rule where news corporations are not allowed to talk about the election in the final 48 hours of the election. It’s a criminal offense to disregard this rule. So keep that in mind.

  8. Reblogged this on World Peace Forum.

  9. Two questions come to mind:
    1) Why did the French media inform people about Fillion’s financials?
    2) How much control does the EU have over news in France?
    Just another view from the height of hypocrisy!


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