Free Speech for Me But Not For Thee…

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Ever heard of a little thing called the Bill of Rights or the First Amendment? Well, apparently they only apply to “tolerant” liberals. The folks at taped a video at CSU Fresno asking students to sign a petition aimed at banning conservatives from radio and TV.
As each student signed the petition, they asked the students if they believed in free speech.  They all said yes while signing a petition to limit someone else’s free speech.
Check out the guy at 1:29:  “C’mon, this is America. These guys should have an opportunity to express their opinions. But I hate them bas*ards, so…I got no tolerance man.”
Then the other student at the 1:52 mark when asked, “What do you think of the First Amendment?” The response, “I don’t know what it is.”
Yes, liberals proving once again they are hypocrites and nothing but tolerant.
h/t Chlorinated Liberty

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0 responses to “Free Speech for Me But Not For Thee…

  1. these slimes don’t realize why they can walk around spewing their crap! of course the illegal in the whitehouse preys on little boys. Their grandfathers probably died defending the United States of America. They are mentally sick and twisted. I would gladly pay to ship their sorry ass to China,or Russia or even the mid east.

  2. Left/libtards: advocates of mob rule by another name for their own ends.

  3. lowtechgrannie

    This proves there are a lot of very ignorant and poorly educated people on campus. Those people did not have a clue about the First Amendment! Should the SATs have a pass/fail section on civics and the Constitution?

  4. Thank God for the 2nd Amendment,

  5. Liberals are thugs with bad hair in bad clothes

  6. wow i wonder how many signatures he ended up getting? with memorial day coming up i wonder how many of our fallen heroes are now rolling over in their graves seeing what has become of this once great country as liberals have created the moron nation. dumbed down education, affirmative action, race norming test scores.

  7. Typical leftwing hypocrisy.
    BTW, Global Warming profiteer Al Gore is still burning up carbon with his 5 homes and private jets.


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