Fredinburg’s Hummingbird

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I just did a little Youtuber of some cute photos Roger Fredinburg’s wife, Jean, took of their recent visitor.  -LTG

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5 responses to “Fredinburg’s Hummingbird

  1. Thanks for sharing with us. This was beautifully done!
    Below is a link to Hummer House Bed and Breakfast in Texas. They have the largest concentration of breeding black chinned hummingbirds. It’s a gorgeous area. Well go see the website for yourself and you will learn more about this wonderful place.

  2. Utterly charming! I love hummingbirds. They’re magical.

    The 3rd picture of the bird with his beak in the “flower” is especially amazing. I can see his little feet! 😀

  3. LTG – BRAVO!!!!!:)!!!!!


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