Freddie Gray's death ruled a homicide. 6 Baltimore cops in custody

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Update (May 2, 2015):

Here are the officers being indicted who each faces multiple charges, 3 blacks, 3 whites; 5 men, 1 woman (sources: The New York TimesThe Baltimore Sun):
Indicted Baltimore police officers
The charges: Six officers are each facing multiple charges.

  1. Officer Caesar R. Goodson Jr.: Second-degree depraved heart murder, involuntary manslaughter, second-degree assault, manslaughter by vehicle, misconduct in office. (It’s interesting that the police officer with the most serious charge  — depraved heart murder — is black.)
  2. Lt. Brian W. Rice: Involuntary manslaughter, second-degree assault, misconduct in office, false imprisonment.
  3. Sgt. Alicia D. White: Manslaughter, second-degree assault, misconduct in office.
  4. Officer Garrett Miller: Second-degree assault, misconduct in office, false imprisonment.
  5. Officer William G. Porter: Involuntary manslaughter, second-degree assault, misconduct in office.
  6. Officer Edward M. Nero: Second-degree assault, misconduct in office, false imprisonment.

Freddie Gray's rap sheet
Meghan Keneally reports for ABC News, May 1, 2015, that the medical examiner’s office ruled that the death of Freddie Gray was a homicide caused by severe trauma.
Gray, 25, was taken into police custody in Baltimore April 12 and sustained a spinal injury during that time requiring medical attention. He went into a coma several days later and died a week after his apprehension. Police have never said why they took him into custody, noting only that he ran from officers, and they have not publicly explained how Gray received the spinal injury.
Baltimore prosecutor Marilyn Mosby
State’s Attorney Marilyn Mosby, the chief prosecutor for Baltimore, announced this morning that her office has also found probable cause to pursue criminal charges in connection to the case. All six of the police officers are now in custody.
Mosby announced a series of charges facing the six police officers involved in putting Gray in custody and transporting him in the police van on the morning of April 12. The charges vary for each individual, but include several counts of manslaughter, second-degree assault, misconduct in office and false imprisonment, among others. The most serious charge she listed was second-degree depraved heart murder, which only one officer faces.
Mosby detailed the findings of her office’s independent investigation into Gray’s apprehension:

  • How officers are alleged to have repeatedly ignored Gray’s pleas for help.
  • Officers allegedly bound Gray’s arms behind his back and put his legs in clamps but did not secure him within the police wagon with a seat belt, which is a violation of Baltimore police policy.
  • The decision to take Gray into custody in the first place was unwarranted because the knife that he had is allowed under Baltimore laws. While the knife was able to fold, it was not a switchblade.

Mosby urged calm in the wake of the charges, speaking directly to protesters at the end of her news conference, “I heard your call for ‘no justice, no peace.’ However your peace is sincerely needed as I work to deliver justice on behalf of Freddie Gray.”
Michael Davey, the attorney hired by one of the officers, spoke on behalf of all six during a news conference this afternoon with the police union, saying “these officers will be vindicated because they have done nothing wrong. No officer injured Mr. Gray, caused harm to Mr. Gray, and [they] are truly saddened by his death.”
In an open letter today before Mosby’s news conference, the Baltimore City Fraternal Order of Police asked Mosby to appoint a special independent prosecutor:

“I have full faith in your professional integrity. While I have the utmost respect for you and your office, I have very deep concerns about the many conflicts of interest presented by your office conducting an investigation in this case. These conflicts include your personal and professional relationship with Gray family attorney, William Murphy and the lead prosecutor’s connections with members of the local media.”

The U.S. Attorney General’s office is in communication with authorities in Baltimore.
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0 responses to “Freddie Gray's death ruled a homicide. 6 Baltimore cops in custody

  1. What a Pandora’s box of conflicting interests here. The Gray attorney a large donator to the States Attny. The multiple connections through so many involved.
    What happened to the story that he had had previous back surgery? What happened to the report he hit his head on a bolt in the truck? What about the story that not all of the six officers had even touched the guy.
    Fair trial in that city, not so much.
    A sad thing happened to a man, will the real truth come out? Questionable. Too many people want a different outcome? Would it be fair or in retaliation of previous trial verdicts?
    Baltimore has some serious rethinking to do on their leadership. To hear a mayor make the statements she made and then also give a stand down order, then deny it. Good luck Baltimore.

    • Not a large donor , the largest donor to her campaign …. ( according to MARK LEVIN )….This defines the term , ” conflict of interests ” …..If not , I don’t know what does !
      All it takes is one to a ” hung jury ” , then watch the games begin …………
      This gal is trying to make a name for herself , even Stevie Wonder can ” see ” this ……

  2. Freddie was a crack dealer, no loss except for the embarrassment to this nation. I commend those officers for ridding this town from the felonious-dangers of that miserable punk. They should now sue his parents for any damage to the vehicle, plus charge all the demolition of the town to those same parents of that dead-felon.

  3. Clearly, this is going to become HUGE, likely a landmark event & judicial finding. Expect years of legal battles.

  4. Kelly now has TWO witnesses who say he was banging his head,one said he had a history of making a big show of being arrested and being treated roughly (even when he wasn’t)–we all know the type;cop grabs him by the wrist to begin handcuffing him,while he’s howling OOOOWWW-OOHH You BREAKIN’ MA ARM,MAN!! SOMEBODY HEP ME-HE BEATIN’ ME UP!!! etc. etc. Not sure I buy that they didn’t know he was hurt until they got to the Station. Looking at the video of them dragging him to the van (I have to assume that was the case),screaming in pain,THAT’S where I believe the damage was done. One witness said though that he had a history of that,so it appears the cops weren’t buying it. (Reference the old “Boy who cried Wolf” story.) Sad,but given his known history,not murder.

  5. Reblogged this on News247-365.

  6. Northerngirl

    My chiropractor and I were discussing this case today and he said Gray appeared to have already had a severe spinal injury before he was loaded into the van. He also said the method the police use to subdue a perpetrator can cause spinal injury if done forcefully with the knee to the spine. Who knows for sure where the truth lies? I think the city has to appease the section of the population that will not exercise any self control and looks for any excuse to riot, loot, and act like the total idiots they clearly are.

  7. I’m sure they feel like they need to sacrifice the cops to prevent more violence,but I’m tellin’ ya,letting these people get away with burning and pillaging to BEGIN with was supreme stupidity. A crowd with THIS destructive mentality takes ANY show of tolerance as total approval. The Cops,as SOON as more Cops had arrived,should have started arresting violators,busting heads as needed. They should have even called in MORE help if it started getting too overwhelming. They,and the Mayor’s included here,waited MUCH too long. The Mayor’s proven she can’t handle an episode like this-she needs to hand the keys over to the previous Mayor,or SOMEONE else who can deal with this kind of problem.

    • Absolutely, that mayor should have diffused it at the onset. Explain to the crowds they are destroying their own neighborhoods, what did they hope to gain. They are killing jobs, the places where their own grandmas shop.
      Even a dog knows you don’t poop where you eat.
      And the bussing in of outsiders again was extremely wrong.
      The mayor was out of her element and has no business in that position. And all the connections of so many officials is bad for the city.
      Sadly, I think we will see much more of this in the future, falling right into the ongoing agenda.

    • Northerngirl

      I agree truck, letting these idiots burn down buildings whenever things shake them up is setting a bad example nationwide. It then starts spreading around the country as all the entitlement babies want to get their chance at looting and acting like completely uncivilized humans.

  8. Getting awfully crowded under the bus there…

  9. This is political persecution at its worst, and there is no way in Hell that this socially promoted Affirmative Action “prosecutor” will ever get a conviction for 2nd Degree murder.

  10. This ‘Baltimore Situation’ is all just a small cog in a larger agenda. Something else is coming….. from Washington. Wait and see.

  11. Who filmed Freddy and the cops. That might be key.

  12. Thank you Dr. Eowyn for this significant post. The specific and substantial evidence for what each of these officers did will finally give us what happened here. I think there should be another medical forensic examiner who should thoroughly examine the evidence available.

  13. State’s attorney was very unconvincing
    but it isn’t my a** on the chopping block.
    (Hope the 6 hold the thin blue line.)
    Although she spoke in complete sentences but must have had a master puppeteer operating her mouth with his arm up her b** and speaking the words.
    She looked kinda like a black panther.
    yo see ya at the crib after the riot
    Elijah had a nation of islam body guard the night before.
    Truly a multisubcultural rollout on surreality TV.
    Did they find any Gray matter on exposed hardware in the van he was throwing himself at?
    Forensic files would check for miocondrial DNA.
    (I click between Forensic files and FOXNEWS a lot)
    Actually there is probably DNA from half Baltimore in there already. so faggedaboutit
    memo to self: buy more ammo

  14. Previous back surgery makes no difference the police were instrumental in this injury.
    Head injury buy bolt would not have caused this type of injury per coroner.
    All 6 were charged because they had contact at some point during this encounter.
    I suppose that since you think these pigs won’t get a fair trial you would have the Boston Marathon bomber tried somewhere other than Boston?

  15. Marilyn Mosby definitely has a conflict of interest and should have appointed an independent prosecutor. William Murphy, the attorney who represents the Gray family, was a major donor to Mosby’s campaign as prosecutor. It sounds like she handed down numerous convictions hoping that at least one of them will stick. An example is second degree depraved heart murder. She may get manslaughter, but I doubt if she will get this. Many of these convictions will be thrown out on appeal. It sounds very much like she handed down these convictions just to calm down the mob. This reeks of mob rule and it stinks.


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