France to open up a can of worms?

‘Parent 1’ and ‘parent 2’ could legally replace mom and dad in France

Washington Times: If France’s new Socialist government has its way, mothers and fathers will cease to exist — in legal  papers, that is.

Legislation that would legalize same-sex marriage and give homosexual couples  the right to adopt children also would replace the terms “mother” and “father” with “parent 1” and “parent 2” in all legal documents, including birth  certificates.

The proposal has outraged France’s religious  establishment and triggered a wave of criticism from many who say such changes  to French law should be put to a public vote. “A referendum must be held to allow a real debate,” Dominique Rey, Roman Catholic bishop of the southern region of Frejus-Toulon, said in  an interview with online news outlet Nouvelles de France. “A majority of the population agrees with the traditional view of marriage,” he said, warning against opening a “Pandora’s box” and “questioning the natural  order of things.”

Justice Minister Christiane Taubira  said the legislation, which is expected to be introduced in Parliament this  month, is needed to “secularize the bond of marriage” and allow same-sex couples  to adopt children under the same conditions as heterosexual couples. The bill also would allow one partner in a same-sex marriage to adopt the  child of his or her spouse.

Under current law, a person in a homosexual relationship or an unmarried  heterosexual relationship can adopt a child only as a single parent and only the  adoptive parent has legal rights over the child.

Government officials say the French already have expressed themselves on the  issue by electing Francois Hollande as  president in May. The measure was part of his campaign platform. “Have we ever hid our determination to authorize marriage for all as well as  to adopt?” government spokeswoman Najat Valaud-Belkacem said. “No, on the contrary, we had [openly] put it  forward.” Referring to Bishop Rey’s call for a nationwide vote on the issue, Ms. Valaud-Belkacem said, “In a certain manner, a referendum already took place  four months ago, during the presidential campaign.”

In a poll released Thursday by the French Institute of Public Opinion, 61  percent of respondents said they favored same-sex marriage, but only 48 percent  said they backed adoption by homosexual couples.

The Catholic Church is defiant  on the issue. After a meeting with Interior Minister Manuel Valls, France’s  senior Catholic cleric, Cardinal Philippe Barbarin, warned that “same-sex  marriages would pave the way for polygamy and incest. “It would amount to a breakdown in society,” the cardinal said. “The  consequences could be countless. Afterwards, they will want to create couples  with three or four members. After that, one day maybe, the taboo of incest will  fall.

Reacting to the church official’s remarks, Bertrand Delanoe, the Socialist mayor of Paris and one of France’s few openly gay politicians, told French  radio Europe1 that Cardinal Barbarin clearly “flipped his lid.” “It is very shocking and even surprising coming from him because I consider  him a wise man,” Mr. Delanoe said. “I  don’t know what came over him, and what he said was downright ugly.

Over the past few decades, French officials increasingly have moved to  secularize national law to rid it of any traces of religion. The movement often  has led to heated confrontations between the church  and state in the traditionally Catholic country.

However, the upcoming legislation has been subject to criticism from other  quarters of society. Francois Lebel, the conservative mayor  of a district of Paris, announced that he would refuse to preside over  homosexual marriages if the bill becomes law. Mr. Lebel, who officiated the marriage  of then-President Nicolas Sarkozy and supermodel/singer Carla Bruni in 2008,  said in a recent editorial that he would not officiate “personally, at any  marriage of this nature.”

“If the age-old taboo on heterosexual marriages is swept away, who and what  will stop other taboos from going the same way?” he wrote. “How could we  tomorrow stop polygamy in France, a rule which is  only a taboo in Western civilization?”

Mr. Lebel also suggested that the bill  could open the way for incest, as well as pedophilia and the marriage of minors.  He added that, while he will not officiate the marriage of gay couples, his “town hall will, of course, conform to the law.”

This “parent 1” and “parent 2” legislation could be a big mess for the courts.  Where do parental rights begin and end with multiple “parents” – biological and adopted?  Why not label the biological parents as “parent 1” and “parent 2” and then add “parent 3” and “parent 4” for homosexual couples that adopt? If you remove mom and dad, why stop at just two parents? If you don’t believe that there are other groups that want their “marriage equality” rights and support multiple marriage scenarios with multiple parents, you better check here, here, here, here, here, and here.

Course this movement fits in well with the communist agenda. Communism is both an economic system that seeks equality  among members of society and a political ideology that advocates a classless and  stateless society and rejects religion. Among their goals:

  • Present homosexuality, degeneracy and promiscuity as “normal, natural, healthy.”
  • Discredit the family as an institution.

Removing mom and dad, discrediting the traditional family, and removing religion. Never a good way to ensure a healthy society.


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7 years ago

And not everyone in France might be too thrilled by such political correctness either… ran across the following (the French version of Molan Labe!) new on YouTube this month: