France prepares “last resort” chemical weapon to control Yellow Vest protestors

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Eric Swalwell nods in approval.

From Daily Mail: French security forces are ready to smother the centre of Paris with a ‘last resort’ chemical weapon in a bid to keep protesters away from key buildings, it has emerged.

Astonishing revelations about the debilitating powder – which can be spread across an area the size of six football pitches in just ten seconds – highlights the increasing desperation of President Emmanuel Macron’s administration as it faces up to a law and order crisis.

The country has been hit by five straight weeks of violence sparked by the Yellow Vests protest movement that has seen national monuments including the Arc de Triomphe ransacked.

There were 168 arrests in Paris on Saturday alone as the demonstrators – who are named after their high visibility jackets – fought running battles with police, who responded with water cannon, baton charges and tear gas.

Now senior officers have confirmed that some of the 14 armoured cars deployed by gendarmes contained ‘a radical device that was only to be used as a last resort’ against their own citizens.

A gun-like distributor on the vehicles’ turrets can spray the powder over 430,500 sq. ft. in ten seconds, Marianne magazine reports. The high-density noxious product contains the same power as 200 tear gas grenades, and is designed to knock people out indiscriminately in an emergency.

A source at the Paris police prefecture said: ‘If a large crowd forced barriers through the security perimeter, then the powder would be used as a last resort in order to stop them.’

But it is sure to raise concerned questions among civic rights groups, as well as monitoring organisations, including the Hague-based Organisation for the Prohibition of Chemical Weapons, of which France is a member.

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29 responses to “France prepares “last resort” chemical weapon to control Yellow Vest protestors

  1. At first I thought you were kidding until I read the “Daily Mail” article. This HAS to be a Geneva Convention violation. It is a chemical weapon.

    Also, when I was in the Army they trained us with both tear gas and CS gas. I don’t think a lot of people know the difference but the CS gas is terrible.

    There are multiple questions that this brings to light. In a “democracy” how can a government maintain “rule” through violence? It is clear that a substantial number of citizens do not want their government the way it is.

    Of course we know that the truth is that none of us have governments that represent us. All of these are simple management tools for the elites. Look what happens here when we elect someone they don’t want.

    I frankly don’t believe that LePenn wasn’t the real winner. I’ll be she would be now if they held a real election.

    • When I was in the Army (‘69 – ‘72) I was trained as a Chemical Corps Staff Specialist (MOS 54E20) and I handled a lot of riot control agent CS. Yes, it is nasty. It’s really more of a mind control agent because once you get a dose of it all you can think about is immediately getting somewhere else. While it is commonly referred to as “tear gas”, it is actually an organic solid: o-chlorobenzalmalononitrile, IIRC. CS sublimes very readily when it is heated, i.e., it changes from a solid directly to a gas which is what happens with those burning canister grenades. Once the CS gas hits the cooler air it changes phase back to solid as a very fine dust. Chemically, CS is pretty stable (persistent) and doesn’t readily break down like some other chemical agents such as the G-series nerve agents. In Viet Nam we made what were called BURBs or bunker use restriction bombs by scooping CS powder into small plastic bags to which we taped a fuse igniter, a short length of fuse and two or three blasting caps. Setting one of those things off in a bunker made the place uninhabitable for a long time. So, if Froggy Cops’ secret weapon spreads large quantities of CS or something similar all over their City of Light there will be one Mell of a Hess to clean up.

      • That is exactly right and a PERFECT description. Once while crawling under cables across a field through smoke they gassed us with CS. I got my mask on and cleared it and immediately somebody snatched it off my face.

        I don’t remember how but I managed to squeeze through the cables and sprint 100 yards to get out of it. It took three guys to bring me down. Turns out somebody couldn’t get their mask out of the pouch and grabbed mine. They gave mine back to me, threw a dime into the middle of the smoke and made him bring it back……..without a mask!

        It doesn’t just choke, it burns. You can hear it hissing in your ears.

    • I find this weapon’s speed to be this side of incredible: 430500 sq ft is 10 ACRES in 10 seconds! Truly astonishing, indicates a lack of care for precision targeting, so there’re going to be a LOT of casualties.

      Then comes the revolution!

  2. Wow! Tiananmen Square in Paris.

  3. If they use it, Macron is a public criminal. This will be interesting!

  4. Going full Saddam and putting Globalism before French citizens.

  5. Macaroon is conducting chemical warfare against his own people; does Hillary want to get us involved?

  6. Soon Macron is going to be French Toast.

  7. They must have draconian gun laws that keep the citizens unarmed. Let ’em try that here and I see millions of American patriots taking their country back.
    That’s why gun control is so desired by many mainstream politicians. They know there are millions of guns in patriot’s hands along with several trillion rounds of ammo and the ability to reload a trillion more. Bring it on.

    • That’s right. If Democrats ever succeed here, it might as well be all out war.

    • The cops are armed but many are sympathetic. That’s why they brought in the “National Cops”. They are said to be globalists and de facto EU army types. So there is some tension about just what the normal cops would do if everything went “live”.

      It is VERY obvious how hard they have become since the national cops arrived. If you compare videos of one week to another you can readily see it. If those people were armed it would be game over.

      You can stand around in tear gas. I’ve done it several times. It doesn’t work with CS. All you want to do is to get away from it. “Charles H. Slate” describes it exactly. They seem to be pumping it out at the crowds. That’s why some are getting sick. It can make you sick, especially if you can’t get away from it.

      There are several lessons here. No armed population would tolerate this for long. They are treating their countrymen like the Jews treat the Palestinians.

    • I commented previously: the French have yellow vests; the Americans have black rifles.

  8. Richard Daugherty

    Macron and the Globalists stand no chance. Their time has come.

  9. I’m just surprised they haven’t blamed Syrian President Assad yet. Maybe they realized it wouldn’t work this time, like they finally figured out the first two times. [/sarcasm]

    • LOL, good one! As I continue to point out, as in Bosnia, Kosovo,Libya, & now against secular Syria, the US/NATO/Kalergists share the same goals and objectives as the Saudi ISIS/Al-CIA-Duh terrorist golems. How come none of the genius’s on Fox jews ever discuss who is supplying the logistics to the Saudi Puppets? The fake state of Israel’s ambassador had to resign for spilling the matzah, which was that Israel prefers the same fake terrorist organization we were told did 9/11 “Al-Qaeda”, over the secular government of Syria which protects Christians and various other assorted “Diversity” that the lying mentally ill Liberal/Bolsheviks claim to worship

    • “He GASSED HIS PEOPLE”, er,……, this is “different”. You’re right, I’m surprised they have blamed him, especially now since we’re leaving the place where we had no right being in the first place.

  10. I think this action/threatened action against France’s citizenry, from it’s own elected government, is folly….but then, it is NOT unprecedented even in our OWN government: I’m just commenting as an historian—–during the Depression in the USA, the “bonus army” of WWI vets who’d been promised benefits for their service, and had never received them, marched on Washington, D.C, and even set up a “shanty town of tents” on the mall……..they were ambushed/raided/forced out, shot at and some killed, by their own government: the commander in charge of the operation???????? It was Dwight D. Eisenhower.

    Eisenhower went on to deliver a successful D-Day to us, cornering victory in Europe, and to advance, much maybe to his own surprise, to the post-war presidency of the USA. While most consider his presidency to be uneventful and “mediocre,” they are short-sighted: he delivered the interstate highway system to the USA. He presided over the era of the GI BILL, and the general post-war “normalization” of social, cultural, and industrial concerns in the USA. NO SMALL TASKS.

    In the end, my point is…..I guess……that his early transgressions did not spell out the judgment of his overall legacy to his country. I do not agree one iota with Macron and his Obamanite policy on this issue that has spurred the revolt in his country…..I am only pointing to history to say that, depending upon the context of history that follows Macron….he could throttle/attack/kill his own people….and the history that follows might not EVEN notice or “punish” him for it. In fact, there are factors even NOW that might not “punish” him for it……so, IMO, he will go “bombs away” eventually against his own citizenry.

    • What was done to MacArthur & Patton (assassinated), is of interest because these were 2 very popular Generals who discussed thwarting the NWO plans and possibly running for President. Nice reminder of the shameful action done to our veterans, who never should have been veterans in the first place.

      • Nicely said. Of course I tend to see that as a difference in “motives”. These men actually believed that what they did mattered because they were fighting for what they thought to be “right”. Politicians on the other hand, are largely for sale to the highest bidder.

        Look at any number of high-minded generals and admirals who ran afoul of political counterparts. The fact is, it isn’t as advertised. I wish it were, but it isn’t.

    • One point about the interstate highway system , its original purpose (still is) was to transport military equipment throughout America quickly.

      • Another Note: It is designed to be quickly converted to runway use. They need only a couple of miles of level, straight roadway to land planes.

  11. Macron wants an EU Army to turn it against the remnants of the indigenous French opposed to the horror of Globalism.

  12. Isn’t this substance the same as the one that was pumped throughout the branch davidian cult center, that the vile fedstapo then lit on fire to burn them alive? (Including women and children.) If so, that could have grave complications for paris, are they planning to burn it in lieu of surrendering the seat of power, one wonders?

    Also, why is there no boycott or outcry against the companies that produce these chemical weapons? Something else to wonder about.

  13. “Revolution changes nothing, and voting even less. Cause its only time you are wasting on Democracy. Democracy (there’s none round here)”

    Democracy by The Damned

  14. Spotted on Mr. Makow’s twitter & Site:
    “1) was already registered May 15, 2017 in United States (just after election of Macron and the day after its installation) and the last update is 2018-12.

    All the informations about that name domain are secured with and the transfer of the name domain is blocked and the addresses of the depositor and of the technical administrative contacts are at the same address (2635 Walnut Street – Denver/Colorado) which corresponds to Registar

    Questions: Why Denver and not Paris for a French Movement? And why such precautions to hide it?”
    End quote

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