FoxNews Hires Olbermann?

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It’s a hoax. Gateway Pundit really should be more careful reading Free Republic. Here’s the pic on Free Republic:

This merits a WTF.
News came 6 hours ago.
As reported by Gateway Pundit, via Free Republic & Alan Burkhart.
I’m so glad I don’t have to boycott FoxNews because I’m already not watching it since I don’t have cable TV (it’ll require drilling a hole through the floor of my house!).
New York Daily News has a poll, asking “What is your reaction to the news that Keith Olbermann and MSNBC are parting ways?”
As of 5:15 pm, west coast, the results were:

39% voted for “It’s a sad day for journalism”
19% voted for “He’ll land somewhere else”
42% voted for “Good riddance!”

Turns out the 19% were right.

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0 responses to “FoxNews Hires Olbermann?

  1. If that is, in fact, true. That diminishes Fox and conservatism. Olbermann is an idiot as is Chris Matthews.

    I read the news here, first, then when hunting and found the above article. Frankly, the man sounds mentally unbalanced. “He loves me… I’m doing my worst person and the Pres of MSNBC is going to be my next one…” Juvenile and creepy. I also saw the headline “Keith Olbermann calls Fox News 100% bullsh*t.” And now he is working for them… so what exactly does that say about him… then, again, maybe that explains everything.

  3. thanks goodness it’s not true!

  4. Janitor job he qualifies for. Had me going there for a minute.

  5. whew!!! your headline in my e-mail had me going there for a minute!!!! ROFL!

  6. i doubt he could even do a janitorial job well. maybe more along the lines of a hot air balloon filler or washroom attendant.


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