Fox Shoots Hunter

A hunter became the hunted after a fox shot him with his own gun.
A man was hunting a fox in Grodno, Belarus, a picturesque farming region near the border with Poland popular with hunters.
The man shot the fox from a distance, but the creature was still alive. So the hunter tried to kill the fox with the butt of his gun.
As recounted by a police officer called to the scene, “The animal fiercely resisted and in the struggle accidentally pulled the trigger with its paw,” shooting the hunter in his leg.
The fox made its escape while friends took the injured man to hospital.
One official said: “I have never heard of anything like this before. The hunter couldn’t believe it either. He was in shock.”
The 40-year-old hunter asked for his name to be withheld to save his embarrassment.
True story. Go, fox!
[Source: Daily Mail, Jan 15, 2011]
~Eowyn, vegetarian

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Good on the fox! It’s simply the most mindless hunting to pursue a fox, might as well slaughter otters! I write as a former hunter who ate and used everything he killed, even tanned the hides, used antlers for handles, etc.
“The unspeakable,” remarked Oscar Wilde over the English custom, “in pursuit of the inedible.”


I just love when the prey reacts and teaches the predator a lesson. That was a lesson about humility. Sorry to think the poor fox was hurt in the incident. GO FOX, I’m totally on the Fox’s Team!!!

Bill Olivito
Bill Olivito

Three cheers for the fox!