Fox News is the most trusted news source…

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I know, liberal heads will explode over this post.  They just can’t stand the fact that “Faux News” is number one in the ratings. According to a poll by Suffolk University, Fox News is also the most trusted news source.
The University polled 1,070 people which included democratics (39%), republicans (34%), independents (22%) and other (5%).  Question 58 (on page eight) asked: What political news source do you trust the most? The results:

  • Fox News – 28%
  • CNN – 18%
  • Undecided – 12%
  • NBC – 10%
  • Other – 10%
  • MSNBC – 7%
  • ABC – 6%
  • CBS – 6%
  • C-SPAN – 3%

Guess that “Lean Forward” concept isn’t working so well for MSNBC!

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0 responses to “Fox News is the most trusted news source…

  1. they would skyrocket if they would do some investigative journalism reporting on the muslim fraud in the whitehouse! but they are protecting him. I was once a devoted fox fan,until O’reilly,Megyn Kelly and Glenn Beck pushed his ineligibility under the rug. Gregg Jarrett did an interview with Jerome Corsi,that was totally disrespectful.[looked like it belonged on msnbc} Rumor has it,the whitehouse would cut off their fox correspondent. They have him on a leash anyway. I have listened to 2 Jerome Corsi interviews and they were both good! not[theone on fox] I can’t wait to read his book. I think it will go over the top even without fox news.

  2. Gosh, not Rachel Madcow… I’m shocked! 🙂

  3. Thomas Morato

    Trusted by who? The people for accurate reporting or the government for it’s complicit cover-up of the news? Didn’t we see a Fox story printed in Dec 2001 that Laden had died already?
    I am becoming even more suspicious of O’Reily lately. Did you see his show tonight? He’s totally shrugging off Obama’s call for Israel to give up it’s land.
    Any sitting president should immediately be indicted and jailed for back stabbing one of our allies in this way, particularly Israel and what they have endured over the last 3k years.

  4. lowtechgrannie

    I don’t have cable so most of these options are not available to me. CBS comes in best, but I can’t stand the sight or sound of Katie Couric. I know she’s gone now, but, ,my policy is to shun TV news altogether, just to be sure I avoid her!.
    Sometimes I catch local news in the morning to get the weather — mostly all my info comes from the Internet.

  5. LTG-you crack me up!

  6. their is a fox news reporter in Jeruslem this morning that is young and trying to stick up for Hamas. Need to kick him out of there.

  7. just a note.. 34% of people who voted were republicans but Fox News only got 28% who did the other 6% voted for.

    • Probably other…many people nowadays get their news on the Internet. The survey didn’t break down that answer by political affiliation.


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