Four years after declaring homeless emergency in Seattle, bureaucrats have the solution: Create a “unified” government agency!

In November 2015 former demorat Seattle Mayor Ed Murray (who resigned due to child sex abuse allegations) declared an emergency and announced new investments to respond to homelessness. Between the city and King County, they initially pledged $7.3M to address the crisis.

Fast forward to 2019 and this is the state of the homeless crisis in King County:

Number of homeless: 11,199 (down 8% from previous year)
Total spent in 2017: $195 million
Estimated annual price tag to solve homeless crisis: $1 BILLION

Liberal utopia of Seattle/Q13 Fox photo

As you can see, even with millions of taxpayers’ dollars, the crisis persists throughout the region.

So what is the bureaucrats’ new solution? A new government bureaucracy between the city and county called, “King County Regional Homelessness Authority.”

According to Seattle Mayor Jenny Durkan, “Today marks the start of a new era.”

King County Executive Dow Constantine said, “We are determined to create a service system that seeks solutions to the disproportionality of homelessness among communities of color. Our vision is a homeless response system that is fair and just for all. That’s the goal.” reports that the new agency will consolidate funding and policy-making for homelessness between King County and the City of Seattle.

And how much will this cost? Nearly $132 MILLION for things like start-up costs, administrative funding, services, and more.

Guess how long it took to devise this plan? From

“The original plan for this “One Table” regional approach was first unveiled in Dec. 2017. Almost a year later, officials announced their intent to “create a set of recommendations and action steps.” Now eight months after that, legislation will next go before Seattle City Council and King County Council.

Read the whole story here.

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1 year ago

I feel so much better for those poor homeless drug addicts now that there is a unified agency to solve the problem. It’s unified now, not like one of those agencies where people are always arguing about stuff. Homelessness down 8 percent? I doubt it although some of them probably moved to greener pastures. Or died of overdoses. But anyway, it’s the start of a new era. Can’t these libtards come up with more original cliches? They are way beyond useless. Money-sucking parasites

Michael Garrison
Michael Garrison
1 year ago
Reply to  William

Lol. Lol. Lol. No doubt an agency set up by a parasite freemason.

Michael Garrison
Michael Garrison
1 year ago

I was homeless in Seattle. Walked everyday to The Millionaire Club, where work is plentiful, if you wanna work. I was there as Microsoft took over, so how much has changed since I was there…..

1 year ago

Seems the the war on drugs has been a great success and is now working wonders on the homeless problem. Always nice to see government in action…

1 year ago
Reply to  kjf

Our peerless Government is forever declaring war on something or other. Invariably whatever problem it declares war on becomes exponentially worse