Foul Stench in Snohomish County Attributed to Al Gore

Gosh, that’s a great title for a post!  And, in this case, it’s probably true.  Snohomish County, WA is a proud member of ICLEI and embraces all the Al Gore-ish aspects of Agenda 21 including “sustainable farming”.  Come visit us and see for yourself;  but, bring a nose plug or a gas mask!  LOL!   ~LTG

Is Al Gore to Blame for Snohomish Stench?

The mystery has been solved! That overpowering stench that has hung over Snohomish, Wash., for the last few days, offending residents and beguiling investigators as to its origins, has been identifiedas, of all things, chicken manure.

I blame Al Gore.

That’s because chicken manure can be one of the most earth-friendly soil-fertilization substances around. Al Gore knows this. Hell, he may have “invented” it.

Full story here

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Clifton Lee West
8 years ago

I know that this is all about making money, but I think I would have to back away from being called the chicken poop guy. I have always considered him full of bull s—, myself, but, I guess I am wrong. It seems that these Liberal/Progressives would almost set themselves on fire to get attention. Have they ever thought that most people could care less about their comings and goings except as curiosity items when you run out of important things to read?

8 years ago

Hahaha…appropriate since Gore is full of it!