FOTM Rebounds

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586,893 Pageviews

As the shadowy elite try to silence free speech, Fellowship of the Minds quietly crosses the line of half a million page views.

It’s not long since WordPress attempted to choke out Fellowship of the Minds. We quickly moved to a better hosting company and opened up again. Before the attack, FOTM had amassed more than 38 million pageviews. And now in just a few weeks we have had 586,893 Pageviews. That means we are still here, and still speaking.  God is good.

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19 responses to “FOTM Rebounds

  1. If we are now on a different hosting company, why do my incoming e-mails from FOTM still come addressed from “donotreply (at)”?

    • A different hosting server still means FOTM requires some software for the blog itself. We’re using WordPress’ Jetpack software, for which I paid $99, because our readers and writers are familiar with the format, functions & features.

  2. Cool… I would post this to FascistBook but they just gave me ’30 days in the hole’ for a post from 4 years ago…

  3. I am very happy to hear this. And I hope that new followers of FOTM will spread the word.
    About two weeks ago, Robert David Steele mentioned FOTM in TWO of his podcasts as he was talking about internet censorship of the alt-right. I trust that gained FOTM some more exposure.

    Evil is on the march and the internet has proved to be an invaluable tool to conquer it. Hopefully the “internet kill switch” will never work because there are too many alternate ways to get around the censorship, servers dropping sites, etc. And let us not forget or, dropped by Joyent and PayPal just yesterday. They need our help, also.

  4. In honor of the great work of FOTM, here is a video of James Bond crashing through a fake Moon Landing set! LOL

    Diamonds Are Forever (4/7) Movie CLIP – Moon Buggy Chase (1971) HD

  5. Hustle, hit, never quit! You cannot keep a good deplorable down.
    We are in it to win it and that is just what we will do.
    Hat tip to Whatfinger for leading me here. When I saw the page header I knew it was a good day on the interweb tubes.

    • I am grateful for Whatfinger’s links that account for hundreds and sometimes thousands of views/hits a day, helping us to recover.

  6. Very Good! 😇

  7. FOTM was mentioned here as now defunct sites:

  8. Truth will always prevail over left wing censorship.

  9. I have been reading FOTM for years, and I especially like the animal stories. It was like being punched in the gut when I found 0ut WordPress tried to murder your site. Then it was a happy day when I discovered you had returned. Thank you for persevering.

  10. CogitoErgoSumantra

    “Speaking truth to power”…

    I like how the map shows MANY of us here in the center of our nation viewing/writing here, but ALSO from both coasts and across the globe!

  11. Most (very) glad to be an active part of the DAILY FOTM Subscribed Readers! Such quality writing is so much more than I feel I deserve, but serve it up, for we love it each and every day received. My Dear Dr. E, you must surely have Writers (keyboard) Finger Cramps of late! You have been writing so very much and such great pieces, one after glorious one. I can’t wait to see what you are writing about each new day! A H/T to you, my cherished friend.

  12. Congratulations on the Comeback!!

    And boo-hiss on the deceptive WordPress organization who opted to perpetuate a lie vs. supporting those who expose it (SHES & Pozner kid fraud photo, etc.)

    In about 8.5 years, the original FOTM generated approx. 4.5 MILLION views per year!!

    As of this writing, the figure in the bottom right column says 691,101 “hits.” I’m not sure if “hits” means the same as “page views,” but if so, that would mean the NEW FOTM got another 105,000 views/hits since you wrote your post yesterday!

    It also would mean that in approx. 9 weeks (63 days) from 8/23-10/31/18, the NEW FOTM has generated almost 11,000 visits PER DAY!! 😀

    Great job FOTM crew!

  13. Thank you to all the commenters for your encouraging words.

    You and all our readers were the buoy that kept FOTM afloat during the transition between WordPress burning down FOTM — the digital equivalent of an entire library — and our restoration.

    By now, the nefarious WordPress and our enemies should know that I never ever give up. Notice that FOTM has come back stronger than ever, with 3 new writers! 😀


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