FOTM problems: We’re still working on it!

UPDATE (Feb. 1, 2019):

Since our latest troubles began on January 27, I’ve been furiously trying to fix the problems. In summary, the problem is that we can’t do anything new on FOTM, including:

  • No new comments.
  • No new posts (although I’ve found a way around that).
  • No new images or videos can be uploaded.

As I was told by 1&1, that is because FOTM has exceeded our allotted megabytes: 1127 of 1024 MB used.

Our present problems go back to our former host-server WordPress’ unilateral, and without notification, taking down of FOTM last August 15.

We had to migrate all of FOTM to a new server — without WordPress’ assistance. In so doing, only some FOTM‘s posts were re-published, but the bulk of FOTM‘s content was migrated to the new server as Draft posts/files, which numbered more than 78,000. The majority of those 78,000+ posts are of images, which appear as blank pages.

Since August 15, when I had the time and energy, I would go through those Draft posts to delete the blank posts and posts that were topical at the time, but need not be republished. By the time the present troubles began, I had whittled those Draft posts to 67,238.

FOTM writer Deplorable Patriot connected me to a really great tech-guy, Andy, who discovered that it is those Draft posts that are eating up our allotted MB, accounting for 655.49 MB used. Deleting the majority of those Draft posts would free up FOTM‘s storage space so that we can, once again, post new content, including reader comments.

Since yesterday afternoon, I’ve been assiduously going through those Draft files and, as of the time of this Update, have reduced their number down to 57,549. I am waiting for Andy to tell us if doing so has made a difference in the MB we’ve used.

I will continue to delete Draft posts, but I can only do that 20 at a time, which, you can imagine, is a slow and tedious process. So I ask for your patience. For many of our readers — and for me — FOTM is more than a source of information, we are a community. Some of you have written me plaintiff emails, about the loss of that community. Know that I feel your pain, and I am working very hard to resolve the problems.

I also have a backup plan: If we can’t fix the problems, I will move FOTM to another host-server.

But all of this takes time. So I ask for your patience and forbearance.

Please keep FOTM in your prayers.


Once again, Fellowship of the Minds is beset with problems.

For 1½ days now, no one can post comments. Nor can our writers create a new post. Fortunately, I’ve found a way around the second problem.

I was told by our host-server that the problem is that FOTM has run out of storage space, mainly because of tens of thousands of fake (spam) subscribers, who use up our alloted kilobytes.

I spent all day yesterday deleting those subscribers, but there are still more than 24,000 to delete!

One problem is that the subscribers that have been and will be deleted include legitimate subscribers. Sorry about that! When this current problem is resolved, you will need to re-subscribe.

We are furiously working on resolving the problems. In the meantime, there will still be new content every day for you to read.

Please say a prayer for us, and thank you for your patience.


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Sounds like a form of *illegal* DDoS. Can you report the fakes to their ISPs? Can something be setup to auto-check their IPs/etc. against a blacklist to keep them from even getting a foothold in the door? The rabid anarchist-atheist-socialist-progressives are also busily attacking Christian conservative websites and FB pages. They’re like cockroaches. I got attacked by some (LGBTQ) last night… just ignored them after a single go-around. But I fear others will read the wackos’ comments in Conservative Christian forums and wonder if maybe they represent some previously-unknown Christian sect that maybe we should listen to… which is, of… Read more »