FOTM Cute animal story for the day.

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~ Steve~                                           H/T Igor

It's Funny. Lighten up already

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5 responses to “FOTM Cute animal story for the day.

  1. Haha!

  2. LOL – That is just too funny – not to mention deliciously politically incorrect. 🙂

  3. Love it. LOL

  4. at least it is not one of those feral dogs from fallujah, iraq.
    read “door to door” by david bellavia as the army killed insurgents the feral dogs dined on the dead mangled bodies… mmmm alpo
    iraqi in a can

  5. I know an Iranian gal who’s a nominal muslim. She sent out the email photo of the Muslim doll with the string nobody has the courage to pull. LOL!


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