Forward to what, Obama?

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The Re-elect Obama Campaign has a new slogan:


Inquiring minds want to know: Forward to what, where?
In his opinion essay for Politico, May 21, 2012, Keith Koffler asks:
Under Obama, the unemployment rate soared above 8% and has stayed there. Forward to 9%?
Under Obama, the national debt has risen by some $5 trillion. Forward to $6 trillion?
The economy grew by only 2.2% in the first quarter of 2012. Forward to 1%?
Opposition to Obama’s signature achievement, “Obamacare,” runs roughly 10 points ahead of support. Forward to more unpopular programs? […]
The only reassurance Americans might get from being told to move “forward” is that Obama has not been clear about where he wants to go. Take a look at Obama’s campaign website. There’s almost nothing about what he intends to do during a second term.
Certainly, the president has no plan at all for reforming entitlement spending, the key to reining in the deficit and putting the economy on firm footing. As southern Europe sinks into the Mediterranean beneath its debt load, Obama will move us “forward” into a world of ever increasing red ink.
“Forward” is not just a sign of presidential hubris. It’s a Freudian slip, a revelation of the left-leaning instincts of the most liberal president this country has ever had.
The slogan is the distillation of the faith of liberals that all forward movement is progress, that new ideas, ethics and programs are enlightened because they are new; that old beliefs must always be cast off so that modern thinking can advance society into a brilliant future.

It’s the thinking that leads Democrats to believe in a nation in which everyone has health insurance, billions should be spent developing exotic fuels and everyone gets higher education.

Conservatives, by their very nature, question the benefit of “forward” — asking how much it will cost. They question whether the ideas from those prodding us “forward” aren’t going to have unintended consequences that turn visions of paradise into nightmares.
They ask whether a government that mandates utopian projects like universal health care will then start mandating something more egregious. They want to know whether the programs to perfect everyone’s lives will bankrupt the country.
The Obama campaign’s call to move “forward” will backfire — in that it inadvertently throws into relief the ideological choice that confronts the electorate. Do we, as our debt climbs unfettered into the stratosphere, continue moving “forward” with the costly plans of a liberal president?
“Obamacare’s” cost, according to Congressional Budget Office estimates when it was passed, would be close to $1 trillion. The White House declared that it had responsibly “paid for” the program with spending cuts and tax increases.
Left out was that all those savings will no longer be available to bring down the deficit. The suggestion was that “Obamacare” was cost free. Not at all.
The president continues to propose moving us “forward” with various pricey social engineering schemes — like lowering subsidized college loan rates, helping homeowners refinance at current mortgage rates and providing tax credits for investments in “clean energy manufacturing.”
Unlike President Bill Clinton, who recognized the public disenchantment with the grand plans of his first term and retrenched by signing election-year legislation to reform welfare, Obama continues to press his agenda undiluted.
Now his mistake has been distilled into a slogan more likely to repel voters than rally them.

H/t our beloved Miss May.

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0 responses to “Forward to what, Obama?

  1. Just like “Change”… into what?

  2. The only way this country can EVER move forward to a healthy recovery is when this POS moves out of the White House. And that’s a fact!

  3. From Obozo’s point of view, he’s doing a great job! Doc, you just don’t recognize talent when you see it. He is supposed to ruin the economy, he’s supposed to start more wars, he’s supposed to push homos on the public, and he’s probably trying to start a civil war. Don’t give it to him.
    The government is rotting because it is now a big piece of crap. Remember, I’ve probably said this before on this forum. The suckers still need the producers. Apparently, Obozo thinks the suckers and work on their own. I think not. The man is a proven success because he is so destructive. He is doing the job of his handlers. He is not stupid; but, he is very evil. He’s rotten to the core and his whole world is about to implode. I don’t know how it is going to happen, but the government as we know it will fail. Mostly, because the weight of the suckers is too much for the producers and something has to give.

  4. He means forward over the cliff. I say let him go by himself. Obama out NOW!

  5. When I was a teen, my friends and I would walk the streets at night. When someone would ask “so where are we going?” one of my buddies would respond by saying “forward.” No particular destination, we just need to be moving. It was humorous then.
    “Forward” is fitting for this Foreign Usurper in the White House. It’s much like “Hope and Change;” Hope was that religious platitude calling forth the very best aspirations in YOU, while Change was the undefined, ever-elusive destination offered as the object of your Hope.
    We don’t know where we are going, but we’re sure on our way! Sure feels good to be part of something, doesn’t it!

  6. Don’t forget the failure of bailouts, cash for clunkers, U.S.A. for the first time has been downgraded, gas prices up, unemployment up, home foreclosures through the roof, homelessness, public education is lacking terribly but teachers still get their tenure and raise, has done nothing to stop illegals aliens from coming to America, etc., etc., etc.

  7. And it has an “o” for him to stick that crummy little logo…I imagine if lemmings could talk they would also say “forward”.

  8. We have our own slogan for him: here it is …………drum roll…………………….FOREWARNED is FOREARMED. We’re ready for you Mr Obama……………
    Step Forward, please Sir. Take this………………………….
    (custard pie is one suggestion).

  9. Forward….heard from the surging lemmings

  10. Yeah, but know how things sometimes go, you probably wouldn’t die on impact, but would be stuck in your mangled body, watching Obozo speeches on the emergency room monitor until you die. The only problem is that you don’t die…it keeps going. It would be Ground Hog day…24-7

  11. Don’t do that…you’d be forced to participate in Obamacare…they would valiantly save you just so they could then call you before the death panel.

  12. On second thoughts perhaps they meant to say
    “FORTUNE COOKIE” and hope they get the one that says “We Won” again. Won Ton Soup for Mr Obama please!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! With a slice of pie on the side.
    He wants his piece of the pie…………………………..


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