Former Seattle mayoral candidate: Security guard followed black people because of white supremacy

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nikkita oliver

Nikkita Oliver sees white supremacy everywhere…

Nikkita Oliver, a community organizer and BLM supporter, ran for mayor in Seattle this year. She came in third in the primaries and didn’t make it to the general election ballot.
Since she’s not going to be in the public life, I guess she’s somehow got to stay in the public eye.
From Former Seattle mayoral candidate Nikkita Oliver says video she took inside a grocery store of a security guard following two black teens is further proof of racism in modern America.
“While I’m walking through the aisle … I see two young black people walk by me,” Oliver said in a Facebook video.
As a youth worker here in the neighborhood, I noticed them. I see them. I gave a little head nod,” she said. “Then I also see a security guard walk by me very swiftly. It wasn’t my desire to get into anything at the Safeway … I turn and I’m thinking ‘Is this security guard following these young people?’ And I see he is following them. He’s following them very quickly.”
The incident happened at the Rainier Beach* Safeway in Seattle. Oliver confronted the security guard and started recording her interaction with him. In the four days since the video was posted on Nov. 12, it has been shared 2,150 times, and has been viewed nearly 333,000 times. The only insight into the video is from a second video Oliver posted two days later. In the second video, she explains how she eventually confronted the guard about his behavior. According to her, he said “I’ve been doing this job for a while now and I know how to spot when someone is going to do something.”
(*In 2015, Rainier Beach had a population that was 31.4% black compared to 29.6% Asian and 22.7% white.)
Oliver said that the young men noticed her confronting the guard and told her that they knew they were being followed.
At this point, Oliver’s Facebook Live video takes over, recording her interaction with the guard who leads her to store management. Those officials explain that they hire an outside company to provide security and then gave Oliver the company’s phone number.
In response to Oliver’s video at the Rainier Beach grocery store, Safeway issued the following statement: Discrimination is contrary to who we are as a company and how we serve our customers and communities. We take the allegations seriously and are conducting a thorough investigation.  The security individual featured in the video is employed by a third party security service, and he is no longer assigned to a Safeway store.
Oliver did not respond to requests for comment from KIRO Radio, or any other media, following the video inside the Safeway store. Instead, she posted a second video in response. Oliver explains that from her recent experiences with media, “stories get spun and get used for click bait, and get used to make us look like we are in the wrong.”
“People are always questioning whether or not people of color are truly being followed through stores; whether or not the stories we are telling about microaggressions and how white supremacy impacts us in our daily lives are true,” she said. “And I wanted to make sure people could see that. I also wanted to actively challenge that because we live in a society; right now are seeing white supremacy and the problems with it and the problems with patriarchy.
Oliver said she has called the security company and Safeway’s corporate office. She did not have any contact with either company at the time of the recording.
“This stuff really happens to our young people, day in and day out,” Oliver said in her video response. “Stores don’t want to take responsibility for it. Security doesn’t want to take responsibility for it. But it’s racist, it’s white supremacist, and it’s wrong.

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0 responses to “Former Seattle mayoral candidate: Security guard followed black people because of white supremacy

  1. What’s next? Not arresting n!ggers because it’s racist?

  2. Enough of this white supremacy bullshit, let the blacks be so they can call it black supremacy -stop using the crutch and move on, The only supremacy is GOD and HE does not impose the commandments, it is up to black, whites, reds and yellows to follow.

  3. Kevin J Lankford

    Seems to ignore the possibility that the security guard new what he was doing……..Incidences like the three basket ball players in china don’t help her case.

  4. I did security work at some of the city’s high end stores where a T shirt cost min of $30 and shoes cost a min of $600 and hand bags cost a min of $1000 whites are more likely to shop lift by themselves or as a team but blacks are more likely to make a commotion be loud they make security pay attention to them. But there are many cases where some blacks come in the store and they are profiled but white people do the most thrifts they take advantage because they are not watched as much as a black person especially in a store where few blacks go……

  5. I guess those 3 basketball players, were really white guys in black face, when they stole the sunglasses in China. Notice how lots of the blacks are calling for “reform” when it comes to the laws and punishment! Like Jay-Z, a criminal thug, Snoop Dog, a criminal thug, almost every black player in the NFL, Criminal Thugs! I would say, the % is higher for blacks, committing crimes, but that would be “racist”. IMO..its all part of NWO to get rid of law and order and these people spouting “reform”, etc are just the puppets. I have a feeling its going to get worse, before it gets better.

  6. What is the alternative? Are we supposed to pretend that certain groups or individuals are not more likely to commit a crime? That may be what some would like to believe, but it simply isn’t true.
    I wish we lived in a world where no one committed crimes. I am free to wish for this, I would be insane to believe that we live in such a world. These SJW’s would have us believe that group of young thugs on a street corner are no more dangerous than a geezer with a walker.

  7. Yes, not wanting youth to run rampant thru your store, or steal things, is white supremacy.


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