Former NY Post sports writer Bart Hubbuch calls for every gun owner to be hanged

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Bart Hubbuch is a former sports columnist for the New York Post (Oct. 2007 to Jan. 2017), who was fired for his tweet @BartHubbuch comparing the inauguration of President Trump to Pearl Harbor and 9/11.
Since January 2018, Hubbuch is the “managing partner” of Clearfield Wealth Management LLC in the greater New York City area. The company is so obscure I can’t find it on the Internet.

Hubbuch is also a dangerous, violent man.
On April 5, 2018, he tweeted:

“I advocate that every gun owner be hanged.”

Hubbuch has since deleted that tweet, but not before Alana Mastrangelo @ARmastrangelo retweeted it:

Report Bart Hubbuch to the FBI:


H/t FOTM‘s MomOfIV
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34 responses to “Former NY Post sports writer Bart Hubbuch calls for every gun owner to be hanged

  1. As usual, anti-gun advocates offer nothing constructive to gun violence solutions. Advocating against violence with more violence is….well, liberal logic for ‘ya.

    • DCG . . . . You just nailed it. The only problem is liberals DO NOT CONSIDER their hate speech or actions of violence to be unlawful, or even anti-social.

  2. Hymmmmm, he looks suspiciously like George Zimmer from the Men’s Wearhouse..

  3. So-using THAT logic,every ROPE owner should be SHOT,right? (sarc)

  4. Left/libtards enjoy their insanity.

  5. They are in a contest to out-stupid each other.

  6. Who does he think he is? Keef Olbermann???

  7. I’t like a bunch of little kids jumping up and down shouting “me too, me too”. Then they look around to see how much approval they’ve earned with the adults.

  8. “I advocate that every gun owner be hanged.”
    Let’s start with him

  9. His mother didn’t love him. So crazy you’d have thought he was the love child of Obama and Barney Frank.

  10. Guessing the fact he does not realize there are over 100,000 to 500,00 hunters per state. Who does he think will go hang all of these gun toting all American hunters and remember they know how to shoot and hit the target or they go hungry. So I want to see who lines up to take the bull by the horns and try. The left has so many idiots if you put them all together my IQ would be more than all of them put together and I’m not the smartest rock in the box.

  11. Reblogged this on On the Patio and commented:
    Way cool! A full picture, the actual tweet and deleting the tweet was too late. We can only hope for a very painful boomerang effect for this tool! Hopeflly with financial and legal consequences.

  12. Hubbuch also called Clarence Thomas “a piece of sh*t” and Parkland student Kyle Kashuv a “gun-humping imbecile.”
    Hubbuch is opening a restaurant in May: “Officially became a restauranteur today! Folks in Long Island City and Queens can try my soul/Korean fusion starting in mid-May. More details to come, but here is my signature dish: spicy pulled pork with donkatsu sauce, kimchi slaw and sesame pickles on a brioche bun.”

    • DCG . . . . I can only hope that his new restaurant will go down in flames!

    • Sounds like a great place to stage a “puke in”. What an asshole. Let’s all do our part to show him how much we appreciate his stupid opinions.

  13. Stovepipe . . . . Now that is a most relevant question? If I were to bet, I might well imagine that black liberals would make an exception as to the heinous nature of hangings when it come to those who own guns (Oh! perhaps not the gun owners in the ghettos.)

  14. It’s a “who” thing, not a “what” thing.

  15. I’m just thinking…isn’t Bart’s attitude one reason we have guns?? Just saying.

  16. Captain America

    Hey Bart, come get some monkeyman. Guy looks like Larry Byrd’s ugly brother.

  17. So a sportswriter suddenly thinks he is intelligent enough to open a restaurant? It will close in the first year.
    Making such an ignorant and violent statement as that should get him a two hour visit behind the shed with the FBI, but they are too busy trying to destroy our President rather than do their job.

  18. Hey you, Fart, Barf, oops is Bart, since you advocate every gun owner should be hang, I got news for you Fart, I advocate that assholes like you should be hung from Lady Liberty’s torch!

  19. When looking at this joker’s picture . . . he strikes me as a simple-minded person . . . in other words a nincompoop!

  20. Hang all gun owners… That is like saying I want to punch that professional fighter in the face to teach him a lesson. Like your so special the boxer cant handle your untrained punch. Let them carry around rope, it wont intimidate anyone. If they are not careful, Its just going to wake up a sleeping giant.

  21. Hubbuch is living proof that one can look candid and friendly and yet actually be given over to evil totally.
    Let’s go through it again, Shall We? And let’s do it quickly:
    Firearms are nothing but TOOLS. In and of themselves, they are dumb tools with no more knowledge of their own existence than a stone that rests on the ground does. The morality of a tool depends directly on the intent of the rational agent using it.
    Now that we’ve gotten that out of the way, again, some ask, What Gives?
    What gives is this: There are people out there who just want to be left the hell alone—good, honest law-abiding people who just want to get by without being bothered. Then there are other people who CANNOT be happy unless they are minding everyone’s business and running the show.
    Then again, there are evil subversives like Hubbuch who want to stir the pot and call the shots. I am confident Hubbuch is no simpleton: Surely, he said what he did to get his ten seconds of fame. What is happening is this: The Devil is stirring. He wants to charm the low rank and file. Having been unable to charm enough of them, he is growing restless, and he is DEMANDING, like Himmler to Eisenhower, to surrender. IT IS OUR JOB TO WRITE BACK, “NUTS!” (The actual literal one-word answer was “Balls!”; The original letter has been lost to history).
    We are living in the Age of Satanism Rising, an Age when Satan has been gaining MILLIONS of new recruits who, bored with their meaningless existence, want the thrill of some sense of power. I see the Endgame: Once they kill all the Christians and the common law-abiding Folk, morons like Hubbuch, along with the frontline police and military who carried out the first genocidal wave will be next in line. For as much as the Devil may hate the sight of blood, he cannot drink enough of it, SPIRITUAL VAMPIRE that he is.
    So we must expect even MORE morons (for their name is “Legion”) and the game to go on like a broken record, until the Lord lets the leash even looser. We are not going into “a thousand years of darkness,” No: We are in the END TIMES, and the battle—compared to the rest of History—shall be relatively quick.
    Come Lord Jesus.
    And Pray to Our Lady of Quito.

  22. Never bring a rope to a gunfight.

  23. EXACTLY Stovepipe—-as THOUGH there are NO BLACK GUN OWNERS! And then…IF there are Black gun -owners…….AND there are White gun-owners in the exact same registration records…..WHAT THEN? KILL ONLY THE WHITE ONES>>>>OR ALL OF THEM , MEANING, BLACK ONES TOO? This diffiiculty is an OBAMA LEGACY and will take another century and another Dr. Martin Luther King to overcome……


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