Former Marine asks why Blacks are given the power to rule and dominate U.S.

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Fred Reed, 69, is a former Marine and Vietnam War veteran with a Purple Heart. He is a police writer, occasional war correspondent, and a former technology columnist for The Washington Times. His blog, Fred on Everything, is often satirical, opinionated, and refreshingly unconstrained by political correctness.
In the essay below, Reed asks questions and makes observations shared by many of us.

Black Power: A Done Deal

By Fred Reed • October 30, 2014
As I write America waits, again, to see whether blacks will riot, this time in Ferguson. Will they loot, burn, kill, and rape? The usual? The police in Ferguson prepare to protect stores from looters, as rioters seem to regard their insurrections as shopping opportunities. Will it come, we wonder tensely? Will the destruction get out of hand, spread to other cities?
It is curious that blacks, the least educated thirteen percent of the population, the least productive, most criminal, and most dependent on governmental charity, should dominate national politics. Yet they do. Virtually everything revolves around what blacks want, demand, do, or can’t do. Their power seems without limit.
Courses of instruction in the schools, academic rigor, codes of dress, rules regarding unceasing obscenity, all must be set to suit them, as must be examinations for promotion in fire departments, the military, and police forces. Blacks must be admitted to universities for which they are not remotely qualified, where departments of Black Studies must be established to please them. Corporate work forces, federal departments, and elite high-schools must be judged not on whether they perform their functions but on whether they have the right number of blacks.
Do laws requiring identification to vote threaten to end multiple voting? The laws must go. Do blacks not like Confederate flags? Adieu, flags. Does Huckleberry Finn go down the Mississippi with the Nigger Jim, or Conrad write The Nigger of the Narcissus? These must be banned or expurgated to please blacks who haven’t read them or, usually, heard of them. Do we want to prevent people coming from regions infested with Ebola from entering the United States? We cannot. It would offend blacks.
We must never, ever say or do anything that might upset them, as virtually everything does. It is positively astonishing. One expects the rich and smart to have disproportionate power. But America is dominated from the slums.
One might think that a single set of laws should apply to all citizens, and that things should be done without regard to race, creed, color, sex, or national origin, and that all should have the same rights and responsibilities. It is not so.
The dominance of the media by blacks is impressive. If a white shoots a black to defend himself, it becomes national news for weeks, or months, and riots follow, but when blacks engage in their unending racial attacks on whites, the media demurely look the other way. The attackers are never black. They are “teens.” Reporters who say otherwise are likely to be fired. In effect, the thirteen percent censor the national press.
Much of their mastery has become so deeply engrained as no longer to be noticed. There is the DC Bob. In the bars and restaurants of Washington, a man weary of an incompetent affirmative-action hire in his office will, before commenting to a friend, lean forward, lower his voice, and look furtively over both shoulders to see whether anyone might overhear: The DC Bob. People don’t even know that they are doing this.
Defensive behavior by whites has become nearly universal. A sort of Masonic recognition-ritual occurs among white people recently introduced in social gatherings. Is the other person, for want of better terms, a liberal or a realist? Dare one speak?  One of them will say something mildly skeptical about, say, Jesse Jackson. The other rolls his eyes in shared disgust. The secret handshake.  Or, if the listener is politically correct, the bait is not taken. In either case, blacks dominate political conversation.
So extreme is the power to control speech and even thought that politicians have to avoid mentioning watermelons, that neighborhoods of high crime must delicately be called “sketchy” instead of “black,” though all understand what is meant.
The avoidance of racial reference is not an even-handed if despotic attempt to oppose racism since, as we all know, blacks freely apply any derogatory wording they choose to whites. In short, they rule. Which is amazing.
The dominance extends to children. When in junior high one of my daughters brought home a science handout with common chemical terms badly misspelled. “Is your teacher black?” I said without thinking. “Daaaaaaady!” she said in anguish, having made the connection but knowing that she shouldn’t have. Blacks control what you can say to your own children in your own home. And of course if I had gone to the school and demanded that the teacher be fired, it would have been evidence of my depravity and probable KKK membership.
The word “unbelievable” has lost all force.  Things that ought to be unbelievable, and once were, have become routine.  Still, there it was: Don’t expect a junior-high teacher to have the level of literacy I had in the fourth grade. Instead, make it dangerous to notice her stupidity.
This is not new, and it hasn’t changed. In 1981, in a piece for Harper’s, I wrote:
“The bald, statistically verifiable truth is that the teachers’ colleges, probably on ideological grounds, have produced an incredible proportion of incompetent black teachers. Evidence of this appears periodically, as, for example, in the results of a competency test given to applicants for teaching positions in Pinellas County, Florida (which includes St. Petersburg and Clearwater), cited in Time, June 16, 1980. To pass this grueling examination, an applicant had to be able to read at the tenth-grade level and do arithmetic at the eighth-grade level. Though they all held B.A.’s, 25 percent of the whites and 79 percent of the blacks failed. Similar statistics exist for other places.”s
Nothing has changed.
Blacks now control the presidency and thus, most importantly, the Attorney Generalship. In this the staggering political power of blacks is most evident. Obama was elected because he was black: an equally unqualified and negligible white pol would have had no chance. He is now fiercely pushing the most profound transformation of America ever attempted, by opening the floodgates to immigration from the south. To effect this end he apparently will simply ignore Congress. The people will not be consulted.
It is hard to imagine why he does it except from racism, from a desire to get even with whites by enrolling their country in the Third World. A short-sighted policy, yes, since Hispanics do not like blacks and will soon be more powerful—but that will come a bit later.
Note that self-inflicted problems of blacks consume inordinate amounts of public and governmental attention, even though only blacks can solve them. I might say, “should solve them,” since they never have and we all know they won’t. Yet we hear about them endlessly.
Are blacks in Chicago killing each other in large numbers? The solution might be to stop doing it, might it not? While I do not wish these young dead, I can do nothing to stop them, and it is not my problem. Are black children growing up illiterate? This gives me no pleasure, and I have various reasons both selfish and moral to wish it were not so. But perhaps the solution is for their parents, or parent, to see that they do their homework, or even to teach them. I cannot do this for them, and it isn’t my problem.
Why do I have to hear, endlessly, about the “achievement gap”? Whether of genetic or cultural origin, it seems as immutable as Avogadro’s number, and I can do nothing about it.  I raise my children. They need to raise theirs.
They rule. It is astonishing.
New Black Panthers Philadelphia 2008
See also “Washington Post op/ed: Black votes should count 167% more than yours“.
H/t FOTM’s maziel

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0 responses to “Former Marine asks why Blacks are given the power to rule and dominate U.S.

  1. HEY-This is RAAAAAAACist. (sarc) I agree with everything Mr. Reed said here. NOW-if we could get MORE Americans to stand against this behavior,if we could MAKE these Militant Blacks HEAR this message,we MIGHT get somewhere. (Besides beat up,burned out and shouted down by the Media.)

  2. While I was living in Ames, Iowa years ago, I had a black roommate for two and a half years. He came from the south side of Chicago; he graduated from Dunbar High School. He was going to school at Iowa State University when I met him. He basically was semi-literate and had no use for the Gospel of Jesus Christ (though we lived in a “Christian” household; he attended a spiritually dead fundamentalist church that, of course, convinced him that he was a Christian because he went to their church).
    He kept bragging that he was Salutarian of his class at Dunbar High School and said that Dunbar was a good school. He later subscribed to his hometown newspaper THE CHICAGO TRIBUNE; a month later the headlines of the TRIBUNE read: “Chicago’s Inner City Schools Worst in the Nation”.
    We never had a single substantial conversation about anything. I encouraged him to go to the library and educate himself (I am very well-read and have spent many hours in libraries educating myself—I later got a degree from Iowa State), but that went on deaf ears.
    Slavery and the dumbing down of America is still alive and kicking in the United States: it is called LIBERALISM.
    I am glad that Ben Carson is running for President—he is a breath of fresh air.
    “Education doesn’t make you smarter.”
    –Alexandr Solzhenitsyn

  3. Good article.

  4. “One expects the rich and smart to have disproportionate power.” They do. The blacks are their wrecking ball.

  5. Fred Reed is right insofar as he goes. But the blacks, as a bloc, are not acting of their own accord: Their organization is poor. Whatever groups of people or blocs rule the day, they are being organized and steered from behind the scenes. George Soros helped to fund the rioting in Ferguson, for example. But, ultimately, the blacks as a bloc are cannon fodder for the Left: They shall never be relieved of their suffering or their grievances. Rather, they are being used to censor and curtail the liberty of the majority (Read: all of us as a corporate whole).
    This is why voting has become a cruel joke. If it’s Bush vs. Clinton next year, I WILL NOT cooperate in America’s or my own destruction. Ditto if it’s Trump vs Clinton, because Trump is pro-abortion. Ditto if it’s Ben Carson vs. Clinton because Ben Carson is owned, and favors mandatory vaccines.
    Anyway, as far as the black bloc running everything, I would like to see an expose on AIPAC: Their stranglehold is unbreakable at this point.

    • Okay-EVERY Candidate fails us on some level. Who would YOU choose as the next President? (Hint-you will NEVER find anyone who is IDEAL Presidential material. )

      • At this point, Truck, I think the system is so utterly irredeemably corrupt, I don’t think anyone can really do the job—the System won’t let them. Ideally, Ron Paul is my man—and his son Rand is no Ron. Trump may actually do some good, but I don’t vote for pro-choice politicians. (It may no longer be possible to vote pro-life as that side is blocked or pinned, but that’s another argument).

  6. And the commie’s War on Whitey is rolling right along, totally unopposed.
    -And it’s only going to get worse from here.

  7. Yup. And as long as that circus clown and his wife/husband are in the oval office there will be people trying to incite a race war.

  8. Back when I was much younger, ‘Jim Crow’ laws were still in effect, & back then, Blacks had their own neighborhoods, & they went to their own schools,
    All things considered, there was much to be said for that type of social arrangement, in that Whites didn’t need to pretend to believe that the blacks were their equals,
    And the thought of having a homosexual, Muslim, mulatto for a president, was beyond the pale,
    But, alas, far we have fallen from those better days of yesteryear,..into this pit of spiritual darkness, where the White race is allowing its homelands to be over run, by assorted, darker, third wold types, while the births within our race are below the replacement levels,..
    The Zionist controlled media & education systems are to a large degree responsible for this decline in the collective level of consciousness of the White race, & an awareness of the fact of Zionist control over western culture is necessary if we Whites,, as a race, are to reverse this decline in our numbers, & in our instinct for self preservation, so as to regain our sense as to exactly who, & what we are, as to fulfill our rightful destiny,.as natures finest race. , ,.. ..

    • Jack, you’re right, and people are beginning to wake up to the Zionist threat. But I’d give it another 10 to 15 years before the word leaks out, because their instruments of suppression are great. It has all been meticulously documented in and

    • where the White race is allowing its homelands to be over run, by assorted, darker, third wold types
      Comments like this must be so discouraging and disheartening to “darker, third world types” like Louisiana Governor Bobby Jindal, neurosurgeon Ben Carson who is rising in the polls as a 2016 presidential contender, Florida Senator Marco Rubio, Milwaukee Sheriff David Clarke, and countless others who live exemplary lives and love America.
      All while “whites” like Hillary Clinton, Nancy Pelosi, John McCain, John Boehner and many many more are doing their utmost to destroy this country.

  9. We’ve gone backwards with this usurper president. How sad that the majority of the black community cannot see they’ve been enslaved again…It just breaks my heart with so many good black folks who never get heard!

  10. Reblogged this on John Drake.

  11. This video is making some waves. Texas police aren’t taking any more of this blank panther nonsense.
    And the advise about wrist rocket slingshots is sound. They’ve been put to good use on Houston freeways before, don’t ask me how I know lol. They’re quiet and can be quite lethal. If you can’t get a CHL this is probably the next best thing to have. The officer here says use rocks; steel ball bearings are even better.
    I saw how the local police were acting the day after Deputy Goforth was murdered; I agree that was a game changer. *I doubt very much the black panthers will hold any more rallies in Texas unopposed.*
    People have had enough. And Police Officers?
    *They are pissed*

    • Far from being “racist,” this officer is justifiably angry, and he is within his rights. He told law enforcement to “step aside—this is for you and for us.” He said Officer Goforth’s assassination was a crime “against law enforcement and everyone.” Factually and morally, he’s absolutely correct.
      Far from being racist, his anger, far from being motivated by ethnicity, is motivated by the grotesque injustices wrought by the Panthers and their supporters. And he also said, “Thug lives don’t matter.” RIGHT ON!
      More power to him!

  12. In other news, a Houston area student sparked outrage when she posted an unflattering Tweet regarding Deputy Goforth. Someone found out she had an outstanding warrant in another county, told local law enforcement, and she was quickly arrested. And now her school is evaluating the Tweet (even though she’s deleted the Tweet account lol).
    This murder was a game changer down here, people have had enough. It’s getting interesting that’s for sure.

    • Having taught for twelve years, I have seen how communists work. They are sneaky, subterranean and—far from being strategically and tactically stupid—are very cunning, baffling and insidious. They always manage to get other stupid suckers to go out and do their dirty work for them.
      Lenin and Trotsky (the man who coigned the term “racism,” were MASTER PIONEERS in the art of ethnic and racial divide-and-conquer tactics. They relished it. Saul Alinsky merely came along and simplified their work; You might call “Rules for Radicals” “Racial Division for Dummies.”
      And who but the Communist in the White House has done more to divide this country along all lines! MAKE NO MISTAKE: Obama has Darren Goforth’s and other police officers’ blood on his hands. Remember: Nero started the fire that burned Rome, and he blamed it on the Christians! Obama instigates from behind the scenes, and his Whore Media’s first job is to head-shrink US. And so far it has worked, because people don’t understand how communists work.

  13. At least he didn’t blame the Jews!

  14. STOP voting for them.


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