Former KGB Official Describes Commies' Subversion Process

Watch this video of a former KGB official describe the former Soviet Union’s plan of subverting America, then tell me what stage of his four-stage subversion process we are in today.
The four stages of Marxist-Leninist subversion are:

  1. Demoralization about America: Americans no longer believe in the founding principles, ideals and purpose of the United States, resulting in people unable to assess even true information.
  2. Crisis: This stage may be as brief as only 6 weeks. The U.S. economy is destabilized; principles of free market eliminated; a violent change of power; installation of a Big Brother government.
  3. Period of normalization: Consolidation of power of the new regime.
  4. Destabilization: All internal enemies and “useful idiots” (those who actually believe the “beautiful” ideals of socialism/communism) are captured and killed. Long before the commies came to power, they already know everything about everyone and where you live.

A big h/t to Joe Baker, political editor of BeforeIt’sNews.

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