Former Connecticut State employee blows whistle on Sandy Hook

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Dean Garrison of D.C. Clothesline is a good friend of FOTM.

Dean received an email from a man whom I’ll refer to as Mr. X, who says he was an employee in a department of the Connecticut state government when the Sandy Hook massacre occurred. Mr. X says that on December 15, 2012, a day after the murder of 26 children and staff at Sandy Hook Elementary School in Newtown, CT, he had overheard a conversation between two senior state officials who were making light of the massacre, implying that the whole tragedy was contrived.

In order to protect his source, Dean redacted Mr. X’s name, the department in which he worked, and other information that might reveal Mr. X’s identity.

Below is Mr. X’s email to Dean (in italics); I colored the most important paragraph in red. FOTM is grateful to Dean for allowing us to re-publish the email.

For links to the posts FOTM has done on Sandy Hook, go to our “Sandy Hook Massacre” page.


Sandy Hook

Hi Dean,

I am neither a paid researcher nor journalist. I am a citizen of the State of CT- and I was a State of CT employee for [xx-withheld] years, and recently resigned to pursue a career in personal/private professional investigations after, sadly, seeing the way my efforts were change were not only thwarted, but held in contempt. The frustration and cognitive (moral) dissonance of working for a [withheld-department that employed him] which was acting in ways so as to support [changed- term used generally means “immoral”] activity made me feel like a hypocrite, and I left a financially comfortable job to seek something more personally satisfying. I add this background because I’d like you to know I am college educated, worked for the government (got quite the inside look at some things, nothing huge, I wasn’t that important but enough), and continue to pursue higher education and my hobby of investigating. I do not simply buy the news I am fed, but likewise I do not simply buy a conspiracy theory. I inductively do my own investigating, research, collect data, etc. I like #s, charts, hard facts. I love a good mystery.

The day after 12/14/12- Sandy Hook- I overheard a snippet of a conversation between 2 very senior officials in the state dept in which I worked. I shouldn’t have heard it, I know, because they were whispering and did not know I was around the corner. Their tone discussing the ‘moment of silence’ we were about to be holding in the office in honor of the victims was a joking tone, and one of the 2 alluded to the other one something along the lines of “well that’s what we’re being fed, so just do it” and they snickered and I wish I had paid more attention, but it made me feel sick.

Prior to that date, the word conspiracy made me laugh, and I brushed it off. But something in their voices that day, caused me to file it away. Then…the reports of conspiracy surrounding SH were popping up. And little by little, the veil was lifted. At [xx-withheld] years old, I suddenly felt disdain for the media, and embarrassment at how much I’d believed. And, I was off. Researching, navigating public records, and sites as I’d been trained to do for work, I gathered much the same data on the homes assessment values that I saw you did as well [referencing this recent article by Dr. Eowyn].  I posted it on [extremely popular social networking site-withheld] under the username [withheld]  (if you go to [site withheld]) and search for [username withheld] you may be able to see some posts, or click link below. However, posting what you did, the 12/25/09 $0 values, and my curious new finding that 3 of the victim’s families had won the CT lottery twice, caused me to have my post removed, and my username banned from the post was public info, in good taste, very factual and not at all breaking any rules of the site.

Within an hour, I got a message- from [withheld, very influential online executive]. He said he personally removed my post and username- which he has never done before- but that I was “making some people very uncomfortable”.  I politely asked what crime I committed in others’ discomfort- much of the info in challenging govt and media is disconcerting, adding that I am uncomfortable with what I know as well.  He said basically that my information was “very thorough and well researched and showed a lot of validity” and that he was contacted to remove it personally and he did not want me to post anything further as I could cause a lawsuit, essentially.

Well, I stopped posting under that name there, and yet the fire under my ass was lit even more.

I continue to research, the way I’m working now is victimology. (As well as look into the families of the Public Relations wave that occurred Post Event. I’ve steered away from exploring the more common names eg. Gene Rosen) I have noticed the importance of Karen Eifert (Tersak) Dr(e)yer, as well as Lillian and Tom Bittman, AND many of the people who volunteer for Sandy Hook’s Vol Fire Dept.

I’ve also noticed that there are areas of the town with a higher concentration of involved parties — of course there could be many reasons for this, but I’ve noticed a trend where some streets are entirely populated with either victims families, friends who spoke out in the media, and political figures/town employees.

There was either political and media manipulation and orchestration etc. ad nauseum, OR this is an absolutely fascinating case study in synchronicity and some form of anomalous coincidences occurring in a very Jungian collective unconscious.

Statistical anomalies abound and the reasons are either one of those, I think.

What is also interesting is that I do not have a theory- that is to say, I dont know WHAT happened that day, WHO orchestrated it, or HOW. I do not know what I think about if children were hurt, who the families were, what is true/real. I do know that what we are being fed is false, but I do not have a working theory that I am seeking to prove. All I want is the truth.

I think the lottery connection is something correlational– not positive- but it seems to be another corrupt/scandal issue that a few families have some cross over connections with.  I will link you to a site that is interesting to research. Other states do not have so many repeat winners. CT is an anomaly, and searching for Newtown and Sandy Hook’s winners will return extremely anomalous results.

I suppose I’m reaching out to say thank you, to share my experience, and toconnect. Attempting to find the truth is lonely, and truly only personally morally rewarding. Following my heart has hit my bank account, and put a slump in my career, and yet I wouldn’t change it because I feel there is real merit here.

If I rocked the boat enough for [withheld identity and accolade mentioned, this is a very important and well-known online executive]– then I (and thus, you) are doing something right.

How goes it for you now?  I hope to hear from you. Do you have any advice on how I can make a living in this field? it is a tough road, but I can’t seem to go back to the life I was leading now that I’ve lifted this veil, you know?

I hope we can share/discuss, or you can lend me some ideas/insight. Truth seeking is a thankless lonely road!

Thanks for taking the time to read this.


[name withheld]

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0 responses to “Former Connecticut State employee blows whistle on Sandy Hook

  1. NaturalBoredCitizen

    In my government everything is suspect, everything appears to be lies and misinformation, conspiracies abound because they are conspirators and therefore untrustworthy. The so called ‘conspiracy theorists’ seem to make more sense in that they want to ‘know’ the truth yet are forced to speculate while they investigate, because the msm and government are damnable liars telling damnable lies while pointing their filthy fingers at truth seekers, who are simply dumbfounded that our beloved nation has ended up at the bottom of a pyshopaths’ rabbit hole. They will burn in hell I hope and their treason will mark their legacies and graves.

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  3. The official story seems about as authentic as the president’s birth certificate. Thank you Dr. Eowyn, for continuing the investigation.

  4. Left/liberal gov-o-crats… sounds a lot like them “putting up with” stuff “for the common good” (cue violins here) at least. Something smells with all this.

  5. As I recall Shannon Hicks who got lots of popularity for “some of the first photos of children being lead out” Was part of the volunteer fire dept. as well as a police friend of hers (who related the story), and also happened to work for the newtown bee (itself seeming to be a “family”-owned business). Psy-ops are a racket, just like war etc. so who profits tends to be a party that is in on it, in this case, the fire dept. and the paper appear to be in on it… and likely the nearby freemasonic lodge as well, since they funnel “charity money”. If this letter to your friend is indeed legitimate, then it can be presumed the state dept. had some hand in it as well (After all isn’t prez-wannabe and skull & bonesman john kerry running the state dept. now?)

    Hopefully one of the workers that helped knock the place down will have a conscience over a paycheck or NDA and let it be known what they’ve seen, if anything. I would sure like to know who those whisperers were though, odds are they have piles of dirt on themselves to secure their loyalty, assuming of course, that they aren’t willingly in service to evil, which they also may well be, but turning one of them to the side of Good would prove beneficial for all parties involved.

  6. This man should be put in touch with Mr. Halbig, he is investigating in a more open manner and did an interview on American Free Press. ‘School Safety Expert Threatened for Questioning Sandy Hook’

    • Mr. Halbig has done some fantastic investigative work and more needs to be done. I recently purchased an amazing application for my iPhone called “Helios Sun Position Calculator” which can be used to very accurately calculate sun position, shadow lengths, shadow ratios, and angles of everything you can think of according to date and global location. It’s so high tech that it calculates complex things like precession (the earth wobble which cycles every 26,000 years) and Nutation (a second wobble every 18.6 years caused by the moon).
      So basically, any photo or news clip that has the time listed on screen or raw helicopter footage can have the time and date put into this application, the GPS location, etc and it will give the exact direction of the sun, how many degrees it is in the sky, and how long the shadow of any given object is in relation to it’s height. YOu don’t even need the actual height of an object. Just measure how high on a photo, multiply by the ratio it calculated, and compare that to it’s shadow. Good stuff!

  7. Friends, there are NO conspiracies, only very long-term business arrangements. Deals are made, pay-offs structured, and All is Well in Hell.

    It’s the same as my writing that, since he emerged from his worm-heap, Obamamama cannot be a ‘dark horse’ candidate, because NOTHING comes out of the Chicago political machine until it’s been signed off, sealed, paid for, and delivered.

    The Obamination is a perfect case in point: whatever he said and promised he’s done a 180 degree reversal on, and as for reducing the military and unlawful warfare, he’s boosted everything many times, while lettings tens of millions go hungry.

    The fictive ‘war on terrorism’ has been used to complete the fascist corporate takeover, while the handful of banksters who financed all this were rewarded handsomely off the backs of the 90% of “We, the Sheeple” still paying taxes and fees.

    Matters will get worse until the next Great Civil War, which will determine the outcome of what we are living, what Doug Casey has tagged “the Greater Depression”. Unfortunately I feel it will be parallel to Franco’s crushing of the formerly democratic Republic of Spain, w/the same outcome, which Spain languishes under to this day. Good luck, and good night!

  8. Thank you Dr. Eowyn for this phenomenal post. The Truth always comes out. I pray that Our Lord allows the disclosure of all of the lies regarding this matter. No good can come from fraud or lying.

    And thank you Dr. Eowyn for your determination and brilliance in your investigative research and fact-finding.

  9. This sure makes one want access to any and all bank accounts connected to each and every family on and offshore. After all Obama is an expert of laundering money, since 300 million was laundered through Ca. For his first run through Harris and her Brother in law, per Ulsterman.
    I would also like to know everything Rob Blogovich claims to know, thus most likely the reason he is in jail.
    There are no secrets, it will come out.
    Great work Doctor and hope there is lots more.

  10. Doc, this is just astounding. If those SH participants actually won the state lottery multiple times, then the scope of fraud committed, and the evil of those responsible, is beyond anything imaginable. And who’s to say that all state lotteries aren’t being used to payoff agents and criminals?

  11. Imagine my surprise when I learned yesterday that unknowingly I had sold my house Jan. 18,2013 to Erin D’Elia,crisis actor Sandy Hook. Her husband is a technical whiz for drumroll,NBC. I had never seen her remarkably bullshit NBC interview until 2 days ago. These people walk hand in hand with evil. The John Lennon song,” How Do You Sleep At Night” is going through my head.

  12. Sales agreement signed 11/1/2012. Original closing date was December 12,2012! They kept putting off closing,which took place Jan.18,2013. just remembered-I signed documents at my lawyers office,they were not present. All paperwork had been handled by their lawyer.who was from Hartford area which struck me as strange.

  13. Ah..let us never forget this atrocity; the extreme magnitude of deceit put forth in Newtown.
    Don’t forget there hasn’t been any record of blood cleanup and I remember a citizen asking State Trooper dept. about that and they didn’t know either.
    Only licensed agencies are allowed to dispose of this amt. of blood.

  14. Also, I’ve spent a lot of time looking at school pictures taken after the event; has anyone seen even ONE drop of blood from the alleged victims?? And why no injured?? Would it be that an injured victim couldn’t keep up the lie?

    • Yes, with the shear volume of bogus information at the time this one didn’t get as much traction as some of the others. It WAS mentioned, however.

      It was mentioned in regard to the “sweetheart” contract that was awarded to temporarily wall up portions of the school prior to demolition. Obviously, you can’t allow a contractor into a bio-hazard area.

      All of these smell very bad. Instead of being forthcoming they insist on demanding absolute “faith” in their reporting. This is, of course, nonsense. I have repeatedly said that there must be records. The school was public and, therefore, so are the records.

      There were two or three (if I remember correctly) but the quickly fell out of the narrative. Actually, this is one of the hallmarks of a fraud. A real event would see hordes of reporters talking to all and sundry. Not so in the frauds. It is too important to them to control the narrative.

      • There were two or three (if I remember correctly) but the quickly fell out of the narrative

        IIRC those are the 3 or so that didn’t even contain the principal’s signature??

    • They’re doing the same thing with the Parkland event. Any time someone brings up an impossibility with their story they scream “HERETIC” and ignore the question. I find it refreshing that so many are coming to see these for what they are.

    • No signs of blood, but there is a nice hole DRILLED in the school’s wall to look like a bullet hole! 😀

  15. I just used Google Earth to find SH school and it is still shown in the pic Sept., 2017. Go figure.

    • Google Map has a feature that enables one to see the street view of an address over time, going back to 2007. I experimented with it and was able to see street views of my home in 2007 vs. 2015. I tried to do that with SHES (the only street view of SHES seems to be of its parking lot), hoping to find images of the empty parking lot between 2008 and Dec. 13, 2012 (a day before the alleged shooting massacre), which would prove the school had been closed down.

      But it appears Google Map and Google Earth have dis-enabled views of SHES over time. Can you help?


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