Former CIA director Gen. David Petraeus wants U.S. to arm Al-Qaeda

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This is pure insanity.
Petraeus had done “The enemy (B) of our enemy (A) is our friend” baloney before, in Iraq. Guess what happened? Enemy B whom we armed and befriended to fight Enemy A became ISIS!!! And now Petraeus wants us to do the same thing in Syria.
Message to Petraeus & Obama: “THE ENEMY OF OUR ENEMY IS STILL OUR ENEMY. Our arming them will only make them stronger when they turn against us. Only you who have neither belief nor principle could think that others have none. Al Qaeda and ISIS are our enemies for a reason: They are fanatic Muslims who believe in jihad — in conquering the world and subjugating all non-Muslims for Islam.”

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0 responses to “Former CIA director Gen. David Petraeus wants U.S. to arm Al-Qaeda

  1. As to Gen. Betray-us , another cog in the wheel of the military -industrial complex . Another jerk in a long and illustrious line of jerks feeding the military – industrial complex .
    Read an article a few weeks back about how many years this country has been at war for some reason or another . Shocking to the un-opened eye . Truly pathetic to the opened eye .

  2. Sarc. “Troops, remember, the enemy of America is our friend.” End of sarc. He created and implemented a policy the had our troops going about in communities to establish social friendships, not a bad idea in some places, but a disaster in a populace with a passionate religious belief that America is the great satan, and non-Muslims deserve beheading.
    Later, Petraeus went to KKR and became a Bilderberg attendee. He also became a supporter of the North American Union.
    Just a side note, those directing global Hunger Games want the United States and other countries infiltrated by others passionately opposed to a civil and democratic way of life so they can enjoy the mass bloody conflict that will help achieve the goal of depopulation as it increases the power of the NWO tyrants.

  3. they’ve been arming and sending money to al qaida for a LONG TIME. I guess they just want to get permission for what they’ve been caught doing

  4. Unbelievable! Does he suffer from mental illness? I used to have some semblance of respect for him–now, he is a nothing in my eyes, except a nut job!

  5. Have you guys heard about this: it is a 911 memorial given to the United States by Russia back in 2006. I only found out about it today:

  6. How can we convey our disgust with this kind of malpractice? The small cadre making all these hideous decisions is operating completely against the will of the majority.

  7. Why does HE have ANY say in US policy? Because he’s “been there”? Well I’m sure there are at least a few of US who have “been there” too. Those of US who have “been there” have as much authority to try to direct policy as he has. He’s a former CIA Director,he no longer holds an office. And didn’t he leave under less than honorable circumstances?

  8. He’s still thinking with his little head as in dickhead and we all know when men think with their little head things usually go wrong

  9. Hell, let’s just give Iran a couple of nukes while we’re at it. This guy is nutz.


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