Forgotten 15 Bipartisan Jobs Bills Obama Ignores

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President Obama has been running all over the country saying that the Republicans are holding back his “jobs” bill and that they do not have a jobs plan of their own.  This despite the fact that everyone knows that Democrats in the Senate would not vote for his jobs bill and that is why Harry Reed would not bring it to a vote. Furthermore, it is not a jobs bill, it is another payoff to the unions like the last “stimulus bill” which all went to government union workers to buy votes.  It did not work in 2010 and it will not work in 2011 or 2012. 
Attached you will find a PDF that shows the Forgotten 15“. Fifteen House bills that help create jobs and all of which have passed with bipartisan support – the Democrats who have voted for each bill are listed.
Please pass this along to your friends, so they can see proof that the President of the United States is intentionally lying to the American people for his own political gain. 
Best Regards,
Tom Zawistowski
Ohio Liberty Council
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  1. Jobs bills the don’t have an ACORN/SEIU stimulus? Horrors!

  2. I will for sure be spreading this around. Ticks me off that they can’t get the bills re: offshore drilling passed. Skippy purposely lies to meet his agenda…transforming America after all.


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