For Greater Glory: The True Story of Cristiada

 Is This the Movie Obama Fears Most ? 

Could it affect the CATHOLIC/latino vote?

Starring Andy Garcia, Peter O’Toole and Obama’s pal, Eva Longoria, this film “For Greater Glory came out two months ago.  According to Internet Movie Database , it is  A chronicle of the Cristeros War (1926-1929); a war by the people of Mexico against the atheistic Mexican government.” 

It appears to be the biggest hit you never heard of.   Latino audiences in California, Texas and Mexico literally stand in the aisles and cheer the story of their grandparents’ generation fighting for their freedom to worship.


RealClearReligion rang the warning bell to the Obama Campaign in this May 14, 2012 review, “When Catholics Were Cristeros,” that concluded as follows:

Cristiada, as the film is known in Mexico, is already a Titanic at the box office. For many Mexicans, the film is a story not found in their history textbooks. Actor Eduardo Verastegui called the Cristero War a “wound that we’ve buried. I felt we should bring this wound out, learn from it, and show some of the heroes of Mexico who gave their lives for what they believed.”

Even so, many involved in the project have squirmed at the notion that the film might resonate with Catholics in America. No, President Obama is not ordering the deportation of Catholics or bringing priests before firing squads, but this election is shaping up to be a referendum for a reason. Calles would likely applaud the contraception mandate and laugh alongside Nancy Pelosi at “this conscience thing.”

Freedom is not just for fancy documents,” Gorostieta told his Cristeros — as President Obama may soon find out — it’s also for the ballot box.

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I think this is the movie Rush was raving about recently. Looks good.


Thank you lowtechgrannie for this wonderful post! I have seen this movie and it is wonderful. Obama is no different than Casses with his attack on all people of faith which has been set out in his HHS mandate. He has declared war on the Catholic Church and has motivated the filing of 43 lawsuits by the Catholic Church and/or Catholic institutions. It is my prayer now that Catholics will behave and vote like Catholics should, for our religious liberty, for the sanctity of life from birth to death, and therefore, vote against Obama, who is like a king instead… Read more »

Rick Prokopchuk

This is what will happen to the entire USA if we have four more years of Obamination as presidente


Todos los amigos católicos mexicanos, en el nombre de Cristo Rey, por favor no vote por Obama. Obama es un enemigo católico. Obama a menudo ha profanado y contaminado nuestra santa fe. Por favor, no votes, o el apoyo a este hombre.

Dr. Eowyn

Translated: “All Catholic friends Mexicans, in the name of Christ the King, please do not vote for Obama. Obama is a Catholic foe. Obama often has defiled and polluted our Holy faith. Please, no votes, or the support for this man.”

Thank you, Remus. Sadly, the latest PEW survey found that U.S. Catholics favor Obama by a 15 pt. margin, despite his anti-religious-freedom HHS mandate, despite his pro-abortion stance. Those Catholics are so in name only. By abetting evil, they will go to Hell.