Football Coach Enraged by "Jesus" Chant

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A high school football coach was so enraged at the opposing fans’ chants of “We’ve got Jesus!” that he charged out of his team’s huddle following its loss and yelled at the opposing student section and said they “should be embarrassed”.

Tom Bolden

Rick Chandler reports for NBC Sports, Sep 14, 2011, that Tom Bolden, head coach of Cincinnati (Ohio) Colerain, reacted with fury at the “We’ve got Jesus!” chant by fans of inner-city rival St. Xavier Catholic following St. Xavier’s 17-14 win on Friday.
“That’s where I’ve got to draw the line,” Bolden told the Cincinnati Enquirer about the postgame chant. “[The St. X student section] ought to be embarrassed.”
According to the Enquirer, the St. Xavier chant came in response to an earlier chant by the Colerain student section of “We’ve got girls!” Xavier is an all-male, Jesuit school, and their football team had been taunted by the opposing Colerain for being gay.
Now, why would a “Jesus” chant send a football coach into such a fit of rage?
Exorcists say aversion to sacred objects such as the crucifix and holy water is one of the signs of possession. Hmm….
By the way, St. Xavier won when Colerain missed a 45-yard field goal attempt in the final minute of the game.
Maybe the St. Xavier boys did have Jesus!  😀
UPDATE (9.20.11):
Please scroll down for the other side of the story from commenter A Colerain Parent!

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0 responses to “Football Coach Enraged by "Jesus" Chant

  1. I believe that is so !! : )

  2. What a sore loser.

  3. Steve,
    He probably went right home and kicked his dog.
    He sounds like the type.

  4. In church Friday night, from Gospel of Matthew: “Count yourselves blessed every time people put you down….to discredit me. It means the truth is too close for comfort & they are uncomfortable.”
    seems to apply here!

  5. “Remember if the world hates you, it has hated me before you” Jesus.

  6. I would say they did have him on there side,how about we use this coach for a football for awhile,open your eyes and look around you Mr.

  7. Why the need to “draw the line” when it came to the Jesus chant? What has he to fear? It is amusing how so many who don’t believe in Him are always so imtimidated, offended, or otherwise afraid of His name, God’s name, the bible or anything remotely related. But it always seems to be the name Jesus that they cannot stand. Hmmm, yes, demons DO tend to shudder at His name…. GOOD! 😀

  8. what did the coach expect them to say? They are a Catholic, Christian school and it is NOT an embarassment to chant a Jesus chant. Whats wrong with having Jesus???? NOTHING!!! They shouldnt have chanted we have girls or whatever they said. This coach needs to resign..he has a thin skin…and a bad attitude to boot!!!

  9. A Colerain Parent

    Coach Bolden’s objection was NOT to Jesus, but to the use of His Holy name in a taunting chant. Perhaps the coach’s anger arose from the implication that the public school students did not have Jesus. As far as which school started the taunts, they came from both sides equally all throughout the game, as these schools are long time local rivals. This story is not about an attack on Christianity, but rather kids behaving disrespectfully toward one another. The following Monday, both the Colerain coach and principal reprimanded the entire student body for any inappropriate behavior. Hopefully the St. Xavier administration did the same. Please be careful in making judgments based on so little information.

    • “Coach Bolden’s objection was NOT to Jesus, but to the use of His Holy name in a taunting chant.”
      How do you know that? Please give us a source, without which it is merely your insistence. Please be careful in casting aspersions on this blog based on so little information.

      • A Colerain Parent

        Forgive me if I have offended you, my intent was not to be disrespectful, but rather to give you a full perspective on the story. My daughter attends Colerain High School and has many friends who are on the football team. Coach Bolden always leads the team in prayer before games, and was a speaker at the Fellowship of Christian Athletes Fields of Faith Event. As I mentioned in my first previous post, the coach addressed the student body on the matter that following Monday, so my comments are based on what my daughter told me he said to the students. The reason I wanted to respond here is because I happen to know this coach and Colerain High School, and the fact is that they are very pro-Christian, even in these times when many public schools don’t have that courage. It is something I feel is a blessing to our community, and it made me feel bad for people to get the wrong impression of this man and our school.

        • Thank you for your clarification. My knowledge of the incident came solely from the news article. I’m glad you gave the other side of the story. After today, I will withdraw this entire post.
          God bless.

  10. A Colerain Parent

    Thanks for the replies, everyone. I do appreciate it.

    • Instead of deleting this post, I’ve added an Update to the post instead, urging readers to scroll down to read your other side of the story. I suggest you contact Rick Chandler of NBC Sports who had written the misleading account and set him straight!
      God bless. 🙂


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