Fools for Islam

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 Fools for Islam
By Tom in NC
Since the late 1970’s, terrorism against the U.S. has grown exponentially, with the vast majority of these attacks perpetrated by muslims. To date the most heinous of these attacks took place on 9/11/2001, the Twin Towers of the World Trade Center were hit with hijacked airliners resulting in their collapse, a third airliner was crashed into the Pentagon and a fourth plane crashed into a field in Pennsylvania only because brave passengers tried to take back control from the hijackers. This fourth plane was surely destined for either the White house or the Capital Building in D.C.
 Over 3000 of our fellow citizens perished in these attacks. For a brief time the country was at its most patriotic, American Flags hung everywhere, and we came together  behind President Bush and we wanted the planners of this attack captured and brought to justice.
Then a strange thing started to happen, over the past decade certain segments of our population (liberals) became muslim apologists/sympathizers. It became vogue among the elite to embrace Islam as a misunderstood religion, they turn a blind eye to Islam’s treatment of woman and homosexuals and their violent indoctrination of children while at the same time branding Christians and the Jews as the intolerant true terrorists. The even got a black man with a muslim sounding name with no experience outside that of a community organizer elected as our president as an offering of peace to the Middle East.
It hasn’t  exactly worked out as planned, our economy is virtually in the crapper and the Middle East is in turmoil with their hatred towards us unabated. Obama has been a miserable failure on every front and to think that the liberals had it in their minds that with Obama’s election all of a sudden the entire world would come together around the kumbaya campfire and peace would be the order of the day.
We have people on the left that still think by embracing Islam we can bring about peace, by allowing a mega mosque to be built within a stones throw from 9/11’s ground zero that they will not perpetrate anymore attacks against us and by designating any speech against Islam as hate speech they will embrace us as equals no matter what our religion is.
These fools have no idea that they are still considered infidels by the muslims and all the kowtowing in the world is not going to change that opinion. They have one goal, domination of non-muslims, enslavement, torture and death to those that do not submit to sharia.
These elitist liberal types would not last long with their affinity for alcohol, drugs,  sexual perversions and types of fashion, and only after the eventual torture, stoning, dismemberment and deaths of their fellow liberals would they reach the level of enlightenment that we Conservatives have known all along.

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8 responses to “Fools for Islam

  1. I’d like to see these leftist elites be forced to watch a beheading video. They’re still on Youtube. I saw one once – it changed my life forever.
    What would they do if their daughter was put in a hole, buried to the waist and stoned to death?

    • Probably make apologies for the jihadists and rationalize that their daughter had brought this on herself by being Islamophobic until they have a breakdown and irrecoverable lose what remains of their minds and sanity.

  2. This what you have to understand about progressive ideology. The central goal is to attack Christianity. That’s it. All of their ideas and policies are designed to do the opposite of God’s word and to attack those who try to uphold it.
    Like Beck seems saying, the enemy of their enemy is their friend. Many of them would learn to live with Sharia as long as it helped them tear down the church. Agenda over everything with those people.

    • Agenda over everything, truly. Left/libtards miss the fact they’re just useful idiots fot the jihadists… ones that jihadists would surely hang or otherwise put to death as Godless infidels, if they get their way.

  3. typical head in the sand philosophy. blame the successful for the failures of the others. suck the life blood from the producers because they therefore must be the evil ones for producing. change history to fit their moronic theories of discrimination and challenge thought with accusations of racism.
    science is racist. math is racist. rocket science is racist blah blah blah and that we let that crap filter through the media certain segments of the populace grab onto the crap and repeat it again and again often enough to make it true in the minds of the weak minded and gullible….

  4. I’m done being nice… I formerly worked w/those from Islam background. They wll say & do anything to make you believe they are moderate. Truth is, you are nothing but an infidel if you go against their beliefs. There I said it & I will probably regret it. Yet that is my belief…

  5. The public is still mainly ignorant about Islam and its long long history of supremacy and intolerance, and the PC media showcases Muslim disinfo. artists with an agenda of opening the gates to Muslim immigration. Don’t ostrich. Keep up with daily global news on the real face of Islam free with the Historyscoper’s Islam Watch Blog.

  6. Satan has co-opted just roughly less than 50% of our population, and thanks to congressional mandate, the diversity visa program has alloweed
    thousands of Islamic demons to emigrate to this country without regard for their agenda for Shari’a law. And guess what? YOu and I pay and pay and pay for them to be here.


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