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Thank you Maui Jim, for bringing this video to our attention. ~ TD

Karl Marx

Karl Marx

Is Mark Dice right in all the conspiracy theories he’s asserting? I don’t know, and will unlikely know. But his challenge is worth thinking about. ~ TD  ( Go PATS! ) 😀 

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  1. The number one enemy of the religion of satan is Christian America. The satanic religion of the illuminati has kept itself hidden from the world for a very long time by calling itself communism. Even Karl Marx who wrote the Communist Manifesto claimed to be an atheist to keep the illuminati a secret from any followers of communism. His book would not have received many followers if he had come out and said that communism is based on the religion of satan. It just would not happen. It was necessary to deceive as many people as possible and call communism by a grand name that people could believe in, a one world communist government where everyone shares everything and no one suffers. Nor could Karl Marx tell anyone that the believers in Jesus Christ were the actual enemy and that’s where capitalism became the enemy of communism. But never telling anyone that communism is the military tool to unite people for taking over the world and bring satan to the throne of the whole world in the end. Communism would just not work if Karl Marx had mentioned that. He had to make people believe they were supporting something good. Only the leaders pushing the goals of communism know that communism is based on the religion of the illuminati. It has been one of the most closely guarded secrets in history. Take a close look at all the goals of communism and you will notice one common goal among every single objective. Every single objective of communism brings the government into control of everything. When that objective of communism takes its place in history over the whole world then everyone will know what communism really is because everyone will be required to take the mark of the beast or die. It is the goal of the illuminati to unite the world for satan before the mother of all battles, the battle of Armageddon and the second coming of Jesus Christ.

  2. GO FALCONS!!!

    LOL – Sorry, I jezz couldn’t hep it. 😀

    -And after watching my Dawgs eek one out over LSU yesterday in a heart-stopper (I thought I was going to stroke out), I hope I survive this one.


  3. Baseball, Football,Winchesters,,,”These are few of my favorite things” and Dogs…Honestly, I could not finish watching this guys opinion.

    • I like all of the above, and more. It didn’t prevent me from seeing the troubling behavior of the government or the negative trends in society. And I think we need positive things like “the game” to take our minds off the negative stuff and avoid a melt-down. I’m also having a very hard time swallowing the assertion that football, baseball and basketball are parts of an illuminati plot to dominate the world.

      All thru history, bad people have hatched evil plots. So what’s new? We should not attribute supernatural power to the members of Skull and Bones, or any other secret fraternity. They might not be good guys, but they are not powerful beyond human level.

      • “We should not attribute supernatural power to the members of Skull and Bones, or any other secret fraternity. They might not be good guys, but they are not powerful beyond human level.”

        Ditto and well-said, TD!

        We should also remember that the master of these satanic cults himself was struck down by St. Michael in that first war of the angels, and whose skull was crushed by the Virgin bearing the Child. Needless to say, both St. Michael and Mary derive their power and authority from our Lord Jesus the Christ.

        • Thanks for the additional, and beneficial, thoughts, Dr. Eowyn. 😀

        • Ditto Dr. Eowyn! This evil master often harassed St. Teresa of Avila. She encountered him one day and said, using words to the effect, “Oh – it’s only you.”

  4. Oh, I don’t know–those who whoreship satan in secret do call on his powers, dark though they may be, in their attempts to throw monkey wrenches into all of God’s plans for mankind, as they try and do all they can to usher in his short reign on this earth–his objective is to destroy all of the Jews so they can never recognize Jesus as ‘the one whom they pierced’, so they will repent, believe in Him, then call to Him to save them from the armies of the devil–[no!–they can’t have that!]

    –short of that, their next objective is to confront Jesus at Armageddon, since satan believes it’s his last effort to defeat the undefeatable Son of God when He appears there at the end of the Terrible Day of the LORD/7 years of Jacob’s Trouble–delusion is his middle name now, since defeating Jesus is the impossible dream for him and always has been–technically, the Lord clinched the win over him at His Resurrection from the dead–so, satan is now truly the model for Don Quixote, forever ’tilting at windmills’–

    –so, Dice has a point–those who follow satan do have as part of their over-all agenda the distraction of ‘the masses’, to keep them preoccupied, with their attention on anything other than what it needs to be–BUT, they forget something–it’s not us who can cut through the ‘fog of sports’ in order to attract the attention of others, but God, Himself–He can cut through the daze in which others find themselves enveloped, whereas we can’t–

    –and, prayers do wonders in helping bring to our heavenly Father’s attention the things we need His help with, such as getting the sports addicted among us to take their eyes off the game for just a few seconds in order to notice what the enemy of their souls has his people working feverishly at in order to bring about some thing that goes against their best interests–

    –but, then, I can say all of that–because, I don’t like sports at all.:)


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