Follow-up on Obama Gay Club Exposé

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Wayne Madsen Report (WMR) has a follow-up on its May 24 blockbuster exposé of Obama’s membership in a Chicago gay club called “Man’s Country.” Since the report is for the eyes of paid subscribers only, I will paraphrase the article, dated June 1, 2010.
WMR says that since its exposé, WMR has received a number of confirmations from federal law enforcement and U.S. intelligence sources.  
Obama’s staff is in “damage control.” A White House group of “leak pluggers” has been sent to Chicago to scour the Chicago area to ensure that proof of Obama’s and Rahm Emanuel’s homosexual activities is suppressed. The team is also there to ensure that nothing embarrassing about Obama or Emanual is revealed during the upcoming corruption trial of disgraced former Illinois governor Rod Blagojevich.
Blagojevich’s trial is scheduled to begin this Thursday. The Obama team is concerned that the trial might reveal details of the “alternate life styles” of Obama and Emanuel, particularly if cerain wiretapped phone call transactions are released.
Blagojevich knows that the wiretap transcripts contain information damaging to Obama and Emanuel and intends to bring out these details in his trial, according to WMR’s “well-placed sources” in Chicago. Obama’s staff, not wanting “surprises” at Blagojevich’s trial, has directly contacted U.S. Attorney for the Northern District of Illinois Patrick Fitzgerald, which could represent an illegal attempt by a president to influence a federal trial. 
In fact, it was the WMR exposé that prompted Obama and his staff to hastily arrange for a Memorial Day weekend stay in Chicago for the First Family — their first in over a year, since February 2009.
A retired U.S. Secret Service source has confirmed to WMR that the agency knew about Obama’s activities in Chicago’s gay bars and clubs in “Boy’s Town” and believed that the information would be revealed by the media during the 2008 presidential campaign. As we all know, however, the MSM generally avoided digging too deep into Obama’s past, in Illinois or elsewhere. 
WMR claims that the GOP has now picked up the scent. Its opposition research professionals recently were tasked with uncovering details of the past gay club activities of Obama and his chief-of-staff Emanuel.  


So now we know why Obama just happened to spend the extended Memorial Day weekend in Chicago! We can only imagine what secret meetings took place and what nefarious deals were made between Obama and Blagovich. Does the Punk ever do anything that is not contrived and calculating? Even a seemingly innocent family vacation becomes the stuff for cloak-and-dagger machinations.

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  1. Ok,Ok, so Osama and Emu are a little strange. Golly! So was Gomer, and we didn’t persecute him. I thought he was funny, kinda like our president…a comedian–they both make me laugh—of course with Osama it’s a little bit cynical. I only have one problem with all this—When is God going to strike?

  2. BK was this photo necessary? Should have came with a spew alert 🙂

    • Will,
      Do you see that Obama has a tan line? LOL
      I never noticed that in BKeyser’s peerless photoshop until today.

  3. Well, this will be covered up and the truth will never see the light of day…The Traitor and his minions are masters at hiding the truth.

  4. No, this will not be covered up. The truth always comes out. This has been my experience as a retired tribunal/referee. It will have a way of coming out. Thank you, Eowyn, for this interesting update and the timing is fascinating, isn’t it?

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  6. Sort of like the visit to Hawaii when his grandmother died. I think his family was in Las Vegas. Don’t people usually take the kids and wife to funerals? I have always found it suspicious that he went and she died. Oh well…the perpetual conspiracy theorist.

  7. One final comment… How does he reconcile Muslim and queer? And he is Muslim. His wedding band goes “to the jewelry shop for repair” every year during the fast of ramadan–a most holy muslim holiday. Muslim men cannot wear any form of jewelry during that time…


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