Fly the friendly skies of Shandong Airlines!

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Shandong Airlines (SDA) is an airline based in the province of Shandong, China. It operates domestic trunk routes to major cities in China.

In September 2008, an SDA Airlines CRJ7 plane broke down shortly after landing in the airport of Zhengzhou, China. So the passengers were asked to get out and help push the plane to the gate.

It took the 69 passengers and 7 crew members over 2 hours to push the 20 ton plane to gate, 1000 feet away. [Source]


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0 responses to “Fly the friendly skies of Shandong Airlines!

  1. No airport tugs? Well, I guess the old Chinese method of using people instead of machines is still alive and well.

  2. Is THAT our future??

  3. I wonder how we North Americans [Canada, USA, Mexico] would fare in the same situation? Maybe it’s time for “Plane Pushing” to become the next new Olympic event…. Bigger and better, right? Of course, the REAL fun is in the random mix of passengers and crew!

  4. Wow, I would just left the plane and said bye bye!

  5. Ha ha, that’s great! I love yr wit, many thanks, made my weary day tonight!! I even forgot my sore L lower back for a minute….


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