Fly the friendly skies of Obama Airline!

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First he bailed out the banks.
Only to find most went to European Banks.
Then the car makers.
He brought Amerika the Chevy Volt.
Now skippy has helped out the airlines.
Just look what you get.
A spacious Business Class is available on the upper deck!
There is no baggage fee for the first 10 bags!
No baggage weight limit!
No fee to change flights to another date or time!
Just show up and the kids fly free!
Half price fares on Tuesdays!
Parachutes are optional!
Scroll down please.
Scroll down please.

~click pic to enlarge~

Currently Obama Airline is broke, but with your vote and tax dollars (from those 50.5% Americans suckers who still pay federal income taxes), it’ll keep chugging along for another four years!
H/t our Miss May
~Eowyn & Steve

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0 responses to “Fly the friendly skies of Obama Airline!

  1. Too funny…thanks for the morning laugh!

  2. lowtechgrannie

    Whoever dug up that photo should win a prize!

  3. Like I always say; “you get what you pay for”. Actually, now that I think about it, with most government programs that isn’t true. Someone else gets what you pay for since almost half receive without paying! When Obama took office I was one of those who were the 50.5 %. All the Hope and Change has put me in the 49.5%

  4. Lol! this looks about like where we’ll end up! If he could he’ll try and get control of the airlines too. I hope they hang them all first.


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