FLOTUS Melania Trump dyes her hair blonde, it’s a “silent flag” of the Trump campaign

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On Wednesday night Sean Hannity aired an interview in which he spoke with FLOTUS Melania Trump.

Given that most progressives have severe cases of TDS, they went crazy over Melania’s highlights. Cosmopolitan reported that “Blonde hair has been the silent flag of the Trump campaign since its inception, and now Melania is lowkey waving it.”

Here’s some of the TDS-infected responses to HAIR HIGHLIGHTS (from both Cosmopolitan and #MelaniaTrump on Twitter):

  • Did Melania dye her hair blonde for the Fox interview to fit in?
  • Melania hair is what happens when your government is homophobic.
  • Michelle Obama’s book: Becoming. Melania Trump’s book: Becoming Unrecognizable.
  • I’m incredibly freaked out by the new model.
  • I just don’t remember #MelaniaTrump having such a melted-looking face Seriously, wtf is she doing?! There IS such thing as too much #PlasticSurgery @FLOTUS! Dial it back #Melania, you look like you’re melting more by the minute.
  • Because Melania is a pig too with a bad hair transplant!
  • I assumed that #MelaniaTrump had some degree of intelligence. Turns out not to be so.
  • Someone please guide me on how you can have as much money as #MelaniaTrump and still end up looking like you got highlights in someone’s kitchen in rural Kentucky.

Cosmopolitan closed with the following: “Fun new hair change for the winter? Or political move to distract the public from the Trump-Russia affair? Hey, it’s anyone’s guess.”

Never change, proggies…


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10 responses to “FLOTUS Melania Trump dyes her hair blonde, it’s a “silent flag” of the Trump campaign

  1. Here we have a humble, nonpretentious woman, soft spoken and relaxed, and dignified First Lady of the most powerful country in the world, married to a multimillionare businessman, as opposed to the harsh dictatorial cold blooded Killary Rotten Clinton and the first negro simpleton woman Michelle Obama, whose gender has been and continues to be question by many.

  2. Melania’s blonde highlights are a “silent flag” of the Trump campaign?
    The Left really are insane.
    Given President Trump’s outspokenness and Melania’s refusal to be bullied, neither has to resort to “silent flag” coded messages to convey their thoughts and feelings.

    P.S. I do prefer Melania as a brunette, though. That hair color looks better on her than blonde.

  3. You are quite correct, they ARE insane. It is the most disgusting thing I’ve ever seen. They are absolutely obsessed and out of their minds over anything “Trump”.

    This just shows how easy it is to mind control a population. It is inarguable that the MSM is nothing but contrived liars and propagandists. I said (and meant it) from the beginning that the first order of business would have to be getting them under control.

    I think the term “Deep State” doesn’t adequately describe the level of sedition we’re now experiencing. I absolutely mean it when I say that The Odor is in charge. If the duly elected government is unwilling or unable to get control of this it’s over.

    It should be obvious that the same activities are going on all over the world. This is not accidental. Those who have joined forces in opposition to the Trump Administration do not represent us in any way nor do they care.

    It really doesn’t matter what one thinks of Trump, anyone that can support what I see coming from these alleged leftists is guilty of sedition.

  4. I was always enamored of brunettes and raven-haired beauties because they are relatively rare. I haven’t listened to Melania Trump much, but she carries herself very well and is CLASS PERSONIFIED.

    The Left is suffering from the poisoned mind of ENVY. WOW is it tiresome!

  5. Short of committing hari kari, the Commie-libs will never approve of anything Trump – or any member of his family, does.

  6. I heard worse speculation: That she’s feeling unloved or insecure, so is trying to make herself look like Potus’ prior two blonde wives; &/or that it was his idea for FLOTUS to go blonde because he likes blondes; & the worse one was, that since Potus has always”had the hots” for his blonde daughter (Ivanka), he wanted his wife, Melania, to look more like the daughter!

    Maybe the change was simply “girl fun” as in, let’s just try it out & see. Who knows, maybe it was Ivanka’s suggestion as a change of pace.

    Decades ago an older lady friend said that women should go blonde as they get older because dark hair is “too harsh” against aging skin, wrinkles, etc., & blonde hair “eases” that contrast & keeps you looking younger longer.

    Well, too bad. I’m not into putting harsh chemicals on my scalp so I’ll gladly stay brownhaired with “grey highlights,” lol.

    As for Melania, having been a model, she may have heard the same above “Old Wives’ Tale” re aging & blonde vs. darker hair colors(??)

    Either way, I also think she looks better in her darker natural hair color but maybe that’s because we’re used to seeing her that way vs. this new way.

    Has any talking head asked HER why she did it?

  7. Just a test. We’ve been experiencing power outages and I think I got booted.

  8. Blonde starts with a B. B is the first letter in box of crayons! Crayons contain the color yellow! Yellow is prominent now due to the Yellow Vests! Melania is signaling for a Yellow Vest type revolt orchestrated by Trump and his minions! To beat the Democrats one must think like a Democrat!

  9. BTW. Melania Trump would look great no matter her hair color. Finally, we have a true looker with brains gracing the White House. I, for one, admire our First Lady for being a ray of sunlight after a long period of drab, gray weather.

    • Hummmmm, “drab, gray weather”? rather DRAG, BLACK damned eight years that almost drove us into the ground.


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